She sat in a corner,

Hurt, Broken and in tears, clutching a newspaper

The salty tears burned on her cheeks where she had scars of horror

She opened the crumpled newspaper, there as a corner story it read

“A woman raped by her friend on pretext of offering a lift”

She had prepared herself for the worst, when she decided to complain

But it still hurt that even as a victim she was defending herself

It was a story, a matter of discussion for many

But for her it was a living nightmare.

Some commented, that she should know whom she befriends,

While others assumed she must have provoked

Some went beyond and defended the guy.

Right from her education, belief, attitude and character, everything was questioned

Solemnly they declared, she should have defended her honor better

She was bewildered, how she was responsible if the guy couldn’t control his urges

She had liked the ‘friend’ and believed him to be a good person

But she was unaware of this side of his personality that just objectified a woman

While she cursed herself for trusting someone other than herself

She also realized that Honor was a lame word, used to cower women like her

She will stand up and roar,

She will decide what’s honorable

My honor, my life

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19 Replies to “My honor, my life”

  1. We women really trust people so easily. In today’s world you cannot trust your own near ones. But as you correctly put it, we make mistakes but deciding what is honourable is truly in our hands.

  2. Isn’t it a shame that even in 21st century, women have to justify their honor, be at the mercy of others to get their stand validated…why… When is going to stop….
    You rightly said… It has to start with us….
    Team MocktailMommies

    1. Thanks for reading. True I have not been able to wrap by brain around this thought process where a victim needs to defend themselves

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