Meera quickly got ready. It was a beautiful morning and she had a job interview. She dressed up in a beautiful pastel salwar kameez and bowed to god before leaving the house. Her father, who was a tailor, wasn’t very happy. “Why do you keep giving job interviews? I sent you to school because you were adamant and it seemed to make your mother happy, but now looking for jobs is too much. Nobody is going to give you a job.” he argued. Meera’s mom brought out a small tiffin and pressed it in her hands. “Eat on time,” she said. Her father tried reasoning with her mother, and she said something that Meera didn’t see. With a positive feeling, Meera left house.

The day went by and she came home. Slowly as she entered the house, her mother rushed towards her. Her father was in the background, but his face gave away that he had been worried the whole day. Looking at her face, he blurted “They didn’t accept you right? I knew it! Beta, in this world where there are so many people who are unemployed, why would they hire a deaf girl? I didn’t want you getting disappointed.”

Meera held her father’s hand and produced a letter. “We hereby offer Meera Singh, the position of stewardess. Her positive outlook and bright personality is what made us hire her for our restaurant, the letter read. She had a big bright smile on her face.

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  1. This was really a heartwarming story. These instances make you realise that the world is not really that bad a place.

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