He was always known as a disciplinary, an angry man never to be messed with,

He didn’t have many friends and nor did he have a social circle.

So much so that his wife and children too ensured that they were ‘correct’ around him, lest they face his wrath.

But not many knew that he wanted to share a laugh with his children

and enjoy a few quiet moments with his wife,

But how could he? He had a lot to achieve.

No, he wasn’t ambitious, nor was he money-minded

He was bogged down with responsibilities of a big family and a shrinking income.

He had been a jolly fellow long time ago,

Today all that was left was anger and a sorrow of not being able to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

He was angry at the circumstances and angry with the world,

But all he could do was weep alone in the night after his many outbursts.


This is written in response to the prompt issued by The Daily Post. The prompt for 1st June was Angry.


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