The Cradle

Curious of all the commotion in the neighboring room, a heavily pregnant Pooja went in to have a look

She saw numerous beautiful wooden toys, silverware and an exquisite handcrafted cradle!

That’s the cradle of Amey’s grandfather! Amey himself and now Amey’s child will play in this cradle, her MIL beamed.

Pooja was stunned looking at all the treasures and listening to the memories her MIL was rattling away looking at various things in the room.

Pooja had been skeptical about delivering the baby in the ancestral home. It was in a small town with good hospitals around, but she was vying for the luxury hospital in the city.

Pooja could see a baby Amey in the cradle, as her MIL shared beautiful memories.

In that moment she realized, the warmth of memories and love of people would be the best luxury she could offer her baby.

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House hunting and the journey of our first home

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Buying a home is a dream come true for every middle class family. Just like everyone else, after marriage and shifting from one rented home to other, we decided to look for a house of our own. The first thing to decide was place. We were living in Bangalore then and both of us had our job there, but our parents and extended family was in Pune so we were in two minds about buying a home in Bangalore or Pune. I am a very practical person when it comes to finances and living choices in general. Comfort and proper use of investment is extremely important for me. So I was clear that if I buy a house for investment, then it needs to earn me rent and if not then I should be staying in it and utilizing the invested amount.

Rent v/s Rate of sq.feet

As this was the first house hunting experience for both of us, we discussed this a lot with elders, friends who recently brought homes and online real estate sites. We even compared the average rent received in both the cities. After studying the rent received, expected expenses to be incurred and possible appreciation in the coming years, we decided to buy a house in Bangalore. I know this doesn’t sound very romantic, but this was practical and this experience taught us a lot of things when it comes to house hunting and background information collection.


We were clear that we will be buying a home in our budget, but it also needed to be in a sensible location. We chose a home close to workplace as we wanted minimal commute time. We were also looking to start family, so we wanted a locality that was residential, child-friendly with pre-schools, gardens, basic shopping needs available close by. I like walking, so I wanted to stay away from highways, loud busy streets etc.

Builder Reputation

My parents had to undergo terrible stress and trauma during their home possession. Builder, his dealings and repute hence was extremely important for us. I had seen the pain, the suffering from close quarters and was extra cautious when it came to selecting the builder. We even took a lawyer’s help to cross check the docs before signing the dotted line.

Elders experience, online reads about house-hunting and advice from experts helped us in zeroing in on our dream home. It was a home which was made with a lot of thought, planning and love.

How was your house hunting experience? Had you thought on similar lines?

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Nostalgia #writebravely

It was a typical busy, dull day at office

The familiar ping on the phone made me look at the screen,

An FB friend request from a long lost friend blinked on the screen

A familiar rush of happiness surged through me as I saw the name

Nostalgia consumed me and the countless happy memories left me with a smile on my face

One accept and a messenger wave later, we were on a trip down the memory lane remembering the good old school days.

After the chat I feverishly started searching for other school friends and adding them

Just then Facebook suggested his name! My first crush and a dear friend

We lost touch after school, and now there on facebook his name popped!

I kept the phone aside and was trying to focus on work,

Did he ever know I liked him? Would he accept my friend request? Would it be awkward?

While my brain and heart debated on such endless questions

Another ping on the phone drew me towards it

He had sent a friend request with a message

“Hi! It’s been so long, remember the last time we met…”

We shared a bit of past, a bit of present, a bit of what was unsaid, had a hearty laugh and a promise to catch up soon.

And just like that an old friendship was renewed.

prose poetry about nostalgia

A bit of tech a bit of heart

I know this isn’t the theme for today, but I wanted to write on this theme and I have a series running on Friday, so couldn’t post then, hence posting now.

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The pianist #FridayFotoFiction

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“Khwaab ho tum ya…” wafted through the air and reached his ears, as he sat down to read his morning newspaper. He stopped peering over the newspaper with a magnifying glass and started humming the music as his fingers involuntarily played an imaginary piano in the air. Eyes closed, a smile lingering on his lips, he was a serene picture to behold except for a small tear that rolled down the corner of his eye. Rustom missed his piano and a life as a musician in Hindi film industry.

In the new era, musicians were replaced by electronic music and computers. Regaled into the past, Rustom continued playing at events but once arthritis made his fingers painful and stiff, he had to let go. Today all that was left was albums of pictures from his heydeys and such mornings when an old classic transported Rustom to the bygone era.

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 I want to take my Alexa Rank to the next level with My Friend Alexa

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Bride #FridayFotoFiction

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Forever Bride

It was a new day but with some old beginnings

As she peered out the window she noted that the garden needed tending. She examined her looks in the mirror and pushed a stray hair away. The lace dress was Jack’s favorite. He had picked it up himself and she still remembered the way he looked at her when she first wore it, she found herself blushing.

It’s considered a bad omen to see the brides in their wedding dress. She wondered if it had come true as she tried not to think about the day of their wedding five years back when Jack survived a terrible accident but with short term memory loss.

As she walked towards Jack with a posie in her hand, the love in his eyes made her realize that she might not have a happily ever after, but she will definitely live a lifelong romance.

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Tina Basu
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5 lessons I learnt as a Mom

No two kids are alike and hence nothing that has worked with one kid will work with the second kid. I had always believed that parenting is simple and easy (Big Mistake) and assumed I will be a natural and a perfect model for Johnson’s baby ads! How tough can it be? Kids sleep, drink milk, talk sweet nothings and you just have to make them laugh and play with them when they are babies. As they grow up they will learn everything, right! (Totally Wrong!!!) Well, these were the ideas that I had before my baby came along and then I was in for a rude shock!!

That’s when I realized being a parent, is a life long work in progress. Nothing prepares you for it. You cannot learn it nor can you master it. But you do learn a lot from your children. In the following years, after my child’s birth I learnt a few things. Things that have helped me be a better person and hopefully a better parent.

Parenting can be stressful – This is the first thing I learnt as a became a Mom. It also made my respect for my mom grow manifolds. Being  a parent is a thankless job and yet one of the most cherished posts in the world. I respect the fact that I am responsible for growing and nurturing two humans and doing it well is something that I take seriously. I need to be a role model for my children – someone who is responsible, capable of taking tough decisions and never overtly dependent on others.

Focusing on my ‘Me’ time-  As a mother,I ended up losing my identity and choices. I fussed about my children’s choices and wants, family’s requirement and other priorities. I ended up being at the bottom of this priority list. That’s when I observed, my kids never missed on their TV time or play time. They said it made them happy and that’s when it hit me. I need to enjoy things in life to be completely productive. My children made me realize the importance of ‘me’ time.

Keeping my temper in check –I was always known for having a terrible temper. My mom always asked me to keep it in check. Doing a hundred good is wasted with one bad word, she would say. Sadly, I never took those words seriously. However after kids, when I lost my temper and saw their scared faces, I realized how wrong I was. Over the years I have learnt that losing temper hardly serves anything, but arguing without raising my voice can help make a difference. Not that I have mastered this skill. It is still a work in progress but I have made a promise to myself that I will continue working on it.


To be at the receiving end of nasty remarks, yet chinning up and staying put – When you are a mom for two kids, you end up being in the middle of many fights. While you try to be fair, there are times when the children see you as a villian. The things that you try and enforce as an important rule for their betterment, is seldom seen like that.In situations like these the children lose their temper and say some nasty things. They might not mean it and say in the heat of the moment, but it hurts nevertheless. It is at times such as these, I learnt that I need to put my emotional side away and focus on what is good for my kids and be steadfast in my decisions. They will thank me later.

Always be ready for unknown contingencies- Being a mom of two has made me an amplifier of contingencies.I over think every situation. I am on high alert at all times and I have a solution for almost everything. I know that just when you think you have it all under control life throws a bouncer and you need to figure it out.

I am still a long way from being a pro at this. Still learning new things every day, working hard to be a good parent everyday, trying to be a better version of me. But I am happy in the knowledge that I have learnt a lot on the way

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Who is a Soulmate?

After I read the Wow prompt, I did a little online research about the word ‘Soulmate’. I know what you are thinking, “You don’t know what Soulmate is?” That’s unthinkable! All celebs use this word freely for all those who aren’t classified as ‘enemies’. Come Feb and all those trying to sell Love will use ‘Soulmates’ as the ultimate deal sealer! To tell you the fact, I was a copywriter and I used the word liberally, whenever we were marketing anything romantic!


Frankly, I never gave much thought to the word. It was just another word in the repository. But the prompt got me thinking, what does Soulmate really mean? The dictionary gave me a straight forward answer- “A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or a romantic partner.” But this meaning didn’t make much sense. Who defines ideally suited? Also we usually have a few close friends not one and our romantic partners could be different from our typical circle of friends. Also what about the mushy definition, shoved down our throats by Bollywood where we have this one friend or romantic partner and that person is supposed to be our soulmate! What happens after breakup?

By now, all the die-hard romantics are horrified and have decided that I am some shrewd, cold hearted spinster who has never found love! Let me assure you all is well at my end, but I never really was a dreamy romantic. I prefer things to be real. So this concept of one person, your twin heart is a little too much to believe for me. Do I reject the idea of Soulmate? Not really, all I think is that it cannot be confined to a strict meaning and it’s wrong to expect all from one single person.

A beautiful song in the movie Anand went “Jindagi ek safar hai suhana…” and I believe in that. Life is a journey, where each learns from his/her experiences. Experiences do not happen in isolation and hence we might have many soul mates. There could be friends to whom you would run for advice and then there would be some who think just like you and finish your sentences. There could have been romantic partners who you felt very happy with but when reality hit you, they weren’t strong enough. At times, you outgrow a relationship, it does not mean that the relationship didn’t touch your soul.

Be it friendship or a romantic relationship, all relations have their up’s and downs. However, few will survive everything that life throws at them. They will realize the pressure circumstances put on your relationship and work around it. These people will put effort to sustain the relationship. It’s not just about the happy times but also the trying times when you were probably just acting like a knucklehead and needed a smack in the head. They show you the mirror and help you get your act together. If you look back at your life and can identify such relationships then for me, you have met your soul mates. The people who helped you be a better person, I think those people are your soulmates.

All in all I think I am happy with a more loosely built definition – People who touched your soul during the journey of life are soulmates.

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Coincidence or God Send?

Madhuri quickly packed up. It was getting late and she had to reach the other end of the city. Madhuri hated travelling for work, and monsoons made it even worse. Her plans of leaving early had fallen flat with a last minute meeting in office. As she was wrapping up for the day, she peeped through the blinds to check the weather. It was pretty cloudy and looked like heavy rains were about to lash the city. She fastened her pace to catch the office transport, but by the time she reached the stop, the last office bus had left.

Cursing her luck, Madhuri made her way to the city transport bus stop. “Now I just hope I get a bus before it starts pouring down.” She said to herself. She paced up and down the deserted bus stop while waiting for her bus. Her cell rang and she saw it was Rishabh, her husband on the line. “Are you on your way back? It has started drizzling here and it looks like, it’s going to be a long rainy night,” Rishabh said with concern.  “Yes, I totally agree. I just hope the bus comes in the next 15 minutes. Things should be fine then.”

“Just let me know, once you board the bus.” He said. She agreed and put the phone back in her purse. She had been pre-occupied and did not notice the old man sitting at the far end of the bus stop. Now as peered out to see if there was any sign of the bus, she noticed the man. His clothes looked dirty, but he seemed to come from a good family. She was surprised to see him at the bus stop, as this was an IT Park and there were hardly any people at the stop except for office goers or allied staff. The closest residential area was around 5km away.

She walked up to him to try and ask about the next bus, but his eyes looked lost. He had a faraway look on his face. Madhuri wasn’t sure, but nevertheless she tried making a conversation with him. “It looks like it will be raining heavily today, where are you going in this weather.” He turned at her, but his tired eyes were listless. He did not answer. Madhuri tried again, “Do you like close by? You might want an umbrella if you are planning to go far.” He looked at her again, this time his wrinkled face gave a sad smile and said “I don’t remember where I live.” Madhuri was taken aback with this revelation. She went back to her seat. She didn’t know how to react and what to do. From the corner of her eye she saw the old man again. He had gone back to staring out aimlessly. He didn’t seem to remember anything.



Image Credit- Pixabay


“Should I believe him? she wondered. In the world of what’s app and mass message sharing systems, it wasn’t rare to receive messages about some duping gang and robbers who used similar pretexts to rob people on lonely stretches. Now, Madhuri was really scared and all she prayed was for that wretched bus to arrive. She looked around nervously, to see if there were any partners in crime lurking around but everything was calm around her. Just then she saw the bus arrive. Her joy knew no bounds. As she picked her purse she saw the old man. He looked scared and genuinely lost. In the spur of a moment, Madhuri made her decision. She boarded the bus holding his hand. She took the tickets for both of them and sat down. The seat beside her was empty and she gestured the old man to sit there. He quietly obeyed and sat down.

Madhuri asked him calmly, “Do you remember anything that might be helpful to locate your address? Any landmark, family members name, phone number, office name, anything that might help?” As the old man replied in negative, Madhuri’s heart sank. “All I know is that I have been walking the whole day. I even went to a police station, but they didn’t know what to do. They gave me something to eat, water to drink and clicked a few pictures for records. I sat there for a long time and then left.”

By now, the bus conductor and the few passengers that were there in the bus got curious. As Madhuri explained what she knew, the conductor suggested that there was an old age home close to Madhuri’s stop and leaving the old man there would be helpful. Everybody including Madhuri and the old man thought of this as a good idea.

Someone on the bus gave the old man some fruits to eat.  Madhuri decided to try another way, she clicked a few pictures of his and shared the details that she had along with the pics on all her social media sites and what’s app groups. All the people on the bus agreed to do the same. She just hoped that the message could somehow reach the old man’s family.

By now it was pouring outside and she felt happy that she didn’t leave the old man alone at the deserted bus stop. As she filled in the forms at the old age home she realized the old man looked peaceful and for the first time she saw him smile.

Two days later, as she was getting ready for office, she got a call from the old age home. A young woman was on the other end of the line. She was choking as she spoke. “I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. I am the daughter of the old man you rescued. We had been running from pillar to post looking for him when one of our family members saw your post. You were a god send to us. My father is a retired Army Major and suffers from Alzheimer’s. He is never unattended and he usually has an introduction letter with him. Sadly, he misplaced his letter that day. Your quick thinking helped me find my father.”

After listening to her, Madhuri had tears in her eyes. She thought, “Was I really god send? Had it turned out this way, if I had left the office early, or left by office transport? Is this what you call coincidence?  But all she could say out loud was “You are welcome.”

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He was always known as a disciplinary, an angry man never to be messed with,

He didn’t have many friends and nor did he have a social circle.

So much so that his wife and children too ensured that they were ‘correct’ around him, lest they face his wrath.

But not many knew that he wanted to share a laugh with his children

and enjoy a few quiet moments with his wife,

But how could he? He had a lot to achieve.

No, he wasn’t ambitious, nor was he money-minded

He was bogged down with responsibilities of a big family and a shrinking income.

He had been a jolly fellow long time ago,

Today all that was left was anger and a sorrow of not being able to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

He was angry at the circumstances and angry with the world,

But all he could do was weep alone in the night after his many outbursts.


This is written in response to the prompt issued by The Daily Post. The prompt for 1st June was Angry.