Twitter for small business – Tips and Tricks for 2018

follow site Twitter is not just for big brands to have fun, it can drive serious traffic to your website even if you are a small business or personal brand. Twitter is known to drive 3rd most referral traffic to your website. Check out a few statistics about Twitter and small businesses here.

forex piyasası mutlu meydan In November 2017, Twitter officially increased the character limit to 280 characters. They also made some changes in terms of how the characters are calculated. The link and images are excluded from character limit and hence users got a lot more space to write their thoughts. There were a few more changes that marked the era of new Twitter age and as more and more people are finding their way back to twitter, it is important for you as a small business to take note of these changes and use them for your benefit. Twitter for small business - tips and tricks 2018  

Longer Tweets

enter site As you can write more, don’t go into a long description mode. Use the extra space wisely. Keep your message crisp and tag people you think will find it useful. Don’t use hashtags in the message but after the message add hashtags. Use 3-5 relevant hashtags. You can even tag images. So don’t miss out on tagging people you think will find the article useful or people who are regularly conversing with you.

Use Videos While earlier you needed other apps to add live videos to Twitter, now you can do the same via in Twitter video recording facility. As videos have higher visibility, make use of these videos to talk about your promotions, workshop, tips, how-to etc. If you have an in-store sale or specialty, try making a live video of it.

Use Moments Moments are twitter feature where you can curate tweets in a series and let your audience see it. You could do a product reveal or a product demo. If you have a great article to share, you could pull out important points from it and create moments about it. This can then be shared with your audience for wider reach.

Other tips that you might not be aware of

Create your twitter tribe

go to link Twitter is a social network and like any other social media, it is important that you build your tribe here. Find like-minded people message them about your latest offering, explaining how it can help them. A simple tweet telling them about what you bring the table, or helping them out with solution will go a long way in establishing that connect. Create lists of relevant group of people and engage with them regularly to build relations.

Connect one on one and build connections

korea frau partnersuche As a small business it is important that you build that one-one connection with a personal touch. Remember to welcome your followers and inform them about your offering. Don’t sound sale-sy. Ensure that the material you offer is helpful for them. If you see someone discussing about product or service in your niche, connect proactively to understand requirements.

Twitter tips to reach maximum audience
Infographic by Social Quant on tips to reach maximum audience

Search and monitor conversation

get link More often than not, a user is probably aware about big brands in your niche and is trying to connect with them or giving them feedback or looking for similar variant. Use twitter search to tap such conversations and offer your products or services. You might have an edge if the client is interested in visiting the store and seeing the product before buying or they might be looking for long term service that you can offer. You never know what might click, hence connecting is important. Apart from big brands, do keep an eye on how people are interacting with your competition.

Host twitter chat

You might have a product or service that people know, but might not be aware about its usage. Or they might have follow up questions about the topics. You could host twitter chats about the topic. You could even connect with allied brands or influencer’s to host such weekly chats to improve engagement and communication with targeted audience.

Tweet more often

Tweets are just like your thoughts. While nobody expects you to spam your followers timeline with irrelevant information. It is important that you tweet often. Tweets between 7-15 in a day are considered acceptable. Keep it a mix of information, education and personal anecdotes. This will help keep variation and attract relevant audience without being repetitive.

Tweet when your audience is online

Tweet when your audience is most likely to be online. While this might vary slightly from industry to industry the average time considered as a good time is between 1pm-3pm. Along with this information, look at your twitter analytics to decide on your perfect time. Don’t cram all the posts in that time window as that will just spam your followers timeline. Keep important news, your posts, product images etc. for that time slot.

Share authority articles

Apart from your blog posts, product reviews or website links, do share articles from authority sites relevant to your target audience. While there will be lot of posts about the topic on various portals, sharing from authority sites adds trust value to your profile. It also reduces the fear of spam, unsafe sites and wrong information dissemination.

Mention others and build conversations

Give credit where it is due. You might read a post and wish to share it, while sharing mention that person’s handle. If you see a news piece then mention your industry peers to understand their views about it. You could even take a poll if there are conflicting views. Build conversation for people to know that there is a possibility of healthy discussion in your field.

Run contests

Contests are fun and quick way to be found by your target audience. If you are a small business dealing in kids clothing, you might want to target mom’s on twitter. Run a fun contest, like caption the image or their favorite dress from your collection. Such efforts will connect relevant audience to your page, who will not only participate in the contest but will also be interested in knowing more about your brand and purchase from you.

Work with trending topics

Trending topics are hashtags that are listed on the right side of the profile. These topics can be local or national and international level. Focus on these trending topics and write about topics that are relevant to you. It could be matters about your city or country, it could be about your product or service, or generic hashtags that are popular around certain days. Ensure that you don’t try and jump in on every hashtag as that will only make your timeline look weird. You don’t want to lose focus while trying to attract large audience.


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