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Blogging for a large part means writing however it is never to be seen in isolation. Imagine you wrote a fantastic piece that has a lot of research and effort, however if you do not share it, how many people do you think will really know about it?

Today we will talk about essential tips that a newbie blogger must follow to get greater attention, readership and followership. If you want to make your blog successful then you must follow these tips to ensure greater reach and attracting relevant audience over time.

9 Tips to make your blog successful

Writing a good piece is the first step towards attracting relevant audience to your site, however with around 600 million active blogs around the world, finding good readers will be a task. Let us look at some of the steps that every blogger must follow to attract relevant and engaged audience over time.

Add good images

Good images that are SEO optimized are a great way to get more audience. Apart from providing a break in long form reading, well optimized images can also be a part of image search online. Create good images, either my clicking images or finding relevant images on free photography sites. There are a lot of sites, popular ones being Pexels and Pixabay that offer royalty free images for use. You can search relevant images there and use them in your blogpost.

Here is a list of 45 sites that provide royalty free images.

Social Media sharing with relevant pictures

Social media is like a small virtual community in itself. These platforms show you the latest updates from your friends and family and hence this is a great platform to showcase your voice – your blog. Sharing a post with images on social media has a greater impact in finding regular and relevant audience, however creating different images as per the size and design requirements of various platforms can be tedious.

I prefer Canva for my image design needs. It is one of the simplest tools that I have come across. Canva – an image designing tool for non-designers offers a lot of free templates and images that are customized as per the social media of your choice. Create beautiful images in minutes and share it across various platforms.

Currently, you can try the Canva pro version for free for a month by clicking this image below.

9 Tips to make your blog successful and get consistent attention9 Tips to make your blog successful and get consistent attention

Apart from this you can check my earlier post that shares other free designing tools that are available currently.

Social media posts with good images can go a long way in attracting audience and making your blog successful.

Reshare old content

As we discussed earlier, based on the content plan there will be days when you are creating new posts and then there will be days when you are researching for your posts. Instead of not posting anything on these days, share your older content and elicit responses from your audience. Not every share will be viewed by every follower and hence each time you share your content there is a higher chance of it being visible to newer audience.

Similarly, make time to curate content in your niche. Follow popular and authority blogs and sites in your niche and share their content with some insight from your end. This will help you generate responses and eventually make your blog successful, as you will be seen as an authority in the field sharing relevant and helpful information.

Work on the SEO

SEO is an important part of publishing online. As the search engines get smarter there will be a wider gamut of things that need to be search engine friendly hence it is always a good idea to spend some time in learning the basics of it to improve your site’s visibility. If you are using WordPress there are a lot of plugin’s available which will aid you in optimizing your content.

If you are using other blogging platforms many have their internal SEO plugin’s or extensions that do a similar job. I have personally used Yoast SEO and I find it simple to use and navigate. More on SEO in later posts.

Find relevant content communities on SM

Finding a tribe or community on social media or in the blogging world will help you stay motivated and get more relevant and engaged audience. Make an effort from day one to build this community around your blog. A vibrant blogging community in India is Blogchatter.

If you are creating a blog on community blogging platforms, you will have an advantage in this area. The community blogging platform works on matching the reader’s preferences with content and hence your post has a greater chance of being viral.

Create interesting headlines

Headlines are your elevator pitches. Working on your headlines can help you get more clicks when it matters. Use a headline analyzer and work on improving them to get more visibility. Coshedule offers a good headline analyzer tool to help you craft better headlines. A regular search on Google will throw up multiple options for headline analyzers and you can choose any of it to create better headlines. It is important to focus on headlines, if you want your blog to be successful.

Submit on Bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites seem to have dropped from the radar online, however they are a great place to find interesting content on the internet. Use these to submit your blogposts and curate relevant and informative blogs created by others. Bookmarking your post will put it in front of a completely new audience and a new way to get referral traffic from around the world.

Use Pinterest to get more traction

Pinterest has known to help bloggers grow their traffic and make their blog successful. I believe Pinterest is part social media and part search. Owing to its unique positioning, Pinterest offers a great option to promote your blogpost while being seen by new audience regularly. I have seen just a couple of my Pins drive consistent traffic over the years. Pinterest drives traffic long afte images are posted on the site. Here is a step by step guide on getting started on Pinterest.

Engage and connect with other bloggers

There are a lot of bloggers writing in the same niche as your’s. Find them and connect with them to have meaningful conversations in the category that you like. I have seen bloggers act as competitors, however we need to realize that no category is unique and there are thousands of blogs in it, so it is futile to compete. A better way to look at it is collaboration.

Collaborate with fellow bloggers for blog hops, linky parties, or theme based content creations. Another great way to collaborate is by writing guest posts on each other’s blogs. This will provide you greater exposure and better linking opportunities.

This might sound a lot, however it isn’t something that you need to be doing every day. Make a to-do list and promote consistently to make your blog successful.

Task for Today – Create images for your blogs using any of the image creation tools and promote your post on social media channels of your choice.

This post is a part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

9 Tips to make you blog successful

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