9 Replies to “A Woman’s View”

  1. Working 24*7 full of love and caring gesture and strong enough to nail down any problems. Yes we are the woman of pride
    Thanks a lot for your continuous support in the linky.

    1. Right! Being proud of who you are, Working mom, SAHM, single mom, wife, friend etc. Whatever role we choose, we should be proud of it and not let the world view affect our decisions.

  2. Most things in life don’t come easy. You have to make some tough decisions. Make some smart choice. Being prepared is the only way to know for sure that you are going to win.

    1. Agree. Being prepared is the only way. It’s high time we stop believing ourselves to be damsel’s in distress who need saving. Take on the world, should be our advise to our kids.

  3. nicely composed and covers everything that women feel. Sadly,the girl child is still an issue and I wish the moms try to recall that they too were girls…some day.

  4. Neha,loved the words you have joined together to show up the boldness of the women. Only a women can look up in all possible manners
    Wishing You A Happy Women’s Day☺

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