Bhaidooj or Bhaubeej as it is called in Maharashtra was a fun time for us. Being in state board schools we had Diwali vacation of at least 15 days. This meant we could travel to our native place and celebrate the festivities together.

All the cousins would come together and celebrate Diwali. However, the guys in the gang always felt cheated as they would be doling out gifts to sisters without getting anything in return 😛 As a family tradition we started giving gifts to each other to keep the festive spirit intact. Now after so many years, though we don’t meet every year, the gifting tradition continues. With Diwali and Bhai Dooj just around the corner, I am sharing some interesting gifts that I came across and would be considering sending to my siblings via courier services in Pune.

Bhaubeej gifts that you should consider sending your sibling


If your family is as crazy about books as mine, then this is something you should consider. So if a good bookstore is the kind of Disneyland your sibling craves for, gift them some fabulous books via any courier services in Pune. Classics can be gifted, read and reread over many years, so this gift is everlasting. If you are looking for some ideas here is a well-curated list from Buzzfeed

Bike Gear

Two of my brothers are crazy about bikes and road trips. Their Harley’s are always on the move and with every long weekend these guys come up with some crazy road trip plans. They are planning a Rajasthan road trip and so I plan to gift them some Harley gear! I know I am the best sis 😀

Home Décor

Another thing that I will be checking out is home décor. This is something that everyone like getting, especially if you have a new house or are eyeing a particular décor item. But in this case, I usually prefer giving vouchers as each can pick as per their taste. The home-décor stores with gift cards make it simpler to gift and encash the voucher.

Personalized Gifts

Today there are so many options available in the personalized and quirky range that you are bound to find your favourite. I personally like Chumbak for the colourful quirky knick-knacks that they have in their store. Apart from that personalized photo diaries, personalized travel kits, phone covers and collage posters are my favourite gifting options. I am planning a collage of our old bhaubeej pictures!

Bhaubeej sweets

Homemade sweets

One of my baby cousins recently moved out of the house. With the first year of hostel life he is constantly craving for home food, especially during festivities but his hectic schedule does not permit him to take a break and visit us though we technically stay in the same city! So this time I am thinking of surprising him with some homemade snacks that will be delivered using the local courier services in Pune. 

I came across this new service called Dunzo, where they deliver anything and everything from groceries, food to packages within city limits. Right from your forgotten charger to food packages, they can deliver anything within 60 minutes! I am going to try them for the homemade snack idea! 

These are my ideas for Bhaubeej gifting, what about yours? Have you planned your gifts yet?

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  1. wow loved the list and all the ideas you had suggested. especially the homemade sweet and snacks. I had spent so many years of my life in hostel and I know it feels really good, when we receive home made snacks and sweets especially during festivals.

  2. Some lovely ideas here Neha, I so wish I would have read this post earlier but am surely bookmarking for the next year celebrations buddy

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