She had just settled down in her seat. She felt everyone passing by, size her up. She involuntarily clutched her purse and pulled it a little closer, and pretended to tidy up her wrinkled cotton sari and read the book she was carrying, however, the words didn’t make sense to her. She was terrified.

There was a certain amount of chaos around her, but she was oblivious to it. Even as the fear made her heart pound she gazed around in wonder. The brightly lit surroundings, various shops, the glass walls, the people, everything felt surreal. She loitered around awkwardly, clutching her purse and walked towards the glass walls. Just then, a plane touched down and she almost squealed in fright.

There was an announcement for boarding and she suddenly sensed her fear melt away. This was the moment.She walked towards the boarding gate with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Nothing else mattered now, she couldn’t let her fear, pull her back. She was about to get in a plane for the first time in her life, to meet someone very special. It was her new-born grand daughter.

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