She woke up to a busy household. She could sense the anticipation and anxiety. As she rubbed her eyes, she looked around for her mom and dad, but she couldn’t find them anywhere. Her granny called out to her, asking her to get ready. There was no cuddling, no kissing, just a quick instruction. Granny had changed overnight! She also looked very busy packing. Where was mommy? She ran to her parents room, but they were not there. She knew something was off.

She quickly got ready. As they got into the cab she realised they were going to a hospital. She was terrified and worried! Did something happen to mom and dad? They reached the hospital and walked silently to a room. As the room opened, she saw her mom sleeping and father sitting on a couch next to it. She couldn’t control her emotions now, she burst into tears as she rushed to her mom. Her mom smiled and comforted her. Her father quietly brought something close to her  and wispered “Say hello to your little brother” From behind the tears, she saw a pair of small eyes looking back at her. She knew there was a baby in mom’s tummy, but she never realised he would be so tiny. Her heart was instantly filled with joy and a love that she never knew existed.

joy of having a sibling

Photo Credit – Pixabay

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