It was a bright summer morning and Maya woke up early as usual and went for her morning walk. Just as she was passing the local grocery store, near the closed shutters, she saw something move. The discarded cardboard boxes were heaped there in a corner. She was about to ignore it for rodents when she heard a sound. She turned and went closer to inspect the sounds. From the half opened carton box she could see two tiny legs.

She smiled and opened the other flap of the carton and there they were yawning with their tiny mouths and looking around with their dreamy eyes. The innocence melts her heart instantly. She just stood there staring at them as they stretched and wriggled. Just then they realized her presence and stared back at her with their big coal-black eyes. There was a tinge of fear in those eyes but they were more pleading than scared. Maya knew in her heart that she had to take them home. Her motherly instincts took over and she bent down and scooped them in her arms. After cuddling them and making them feel safe, she put them back in the carton box and carried them home.


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She walked in the big iron gate and set the carton box down near the big shady Mango tree. This is a good spot she thought and told them very lovingly that she will find them something to eat. Her husband, Vinay had just finished reading his morning paper, when he saw Maya come in. He went near the tree to see what was going on and saw two little heads peep out of the box and stare back at him. He knew Maya well, to understand what must have happened.

Just then, Maya came in with two bowls of just right warm milk and bread. She placed the bowls in the carton box. The two hungry pups lapped up the whole milk. Maya and Vinay were sitting cross-legged on the lawn under the Mango tree, looking at those hungry pups feed.  The pups realized they were safe and quietly scrambled out of the box. Each slowly made way to the laps of Maya and looked up to her content and happy. Maya was smiling back at them and caressing them to ensure that they feel secure.  Vinay looked at her and said, “Did you know today was Mother’s Day?” Maya looked up with a tinge of sadness but when she saw Vinay smile and gesture at the pups she realized he meant it with affection.

They had spent a long time being sad about not being able to be parents, but today looking at those abandoned pups and the love she felt for them, she realized she might not be a conventional Mother, but she was Mother no less!

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