It was Mayuri’s 45th birthday. She was busy in the kitchen packing tiffin’s for her daughter and husband. As the morning rush hour subsided and everybody had left for work, she turned to tidying up the house. They would go out for dinner in the evening and her husband would wish her while handing her some cash. It wasn’t that her husband didn’t consider her birthday important, it was just that he was always awkward when it came to coming up with genius celebration ideas or gifts. “Buy what you wish for and if the money is less do tell me, but don’t miss out on buying what you desire.” He would say. Mayuri smiled as she thought about it and kept a book in its place.

Just then her cell phone rang. She quickly answered “All okay right? You reached safely? How come you have called now, you must be just stating with your meeting correct? She volleyed questions as she hit answer. Her daughter laughed and said “Chill Mom! When it comes to worrying, you put Mother India to shame.” Mayuri waited for her daughter’s giggles to subside. “Okay Mom, I have something for you. Just go to my room and turn on my Diva” Mayuri rolled her eyes she never understood the reasons for having a pet name for a laptop! She went into the room and turned it on and informed her daughter. “Okay now go to the browser and open it,” instructed her daughter.


As she did what she was instructed, a lovely website sprung to life. The website name “Mayuri’s Chrochet fashion” took Mayuri’s breath away. All she could say was “How did you… when did this… Oh my God it is lovely!” Mayuri had tears in her eyes. She just stood there in front of the laptop, with phone clutched in another hand. The doorbell rang. She answered the door and streams of joy started flowing through her eyes as her daughter and husband wished her.

Her daughter rushed in and hugged her. “I knew you would cry, so I took a leave from office. Couldn’t miss your reaction when you opened the site!” Her husband came over and said “This time it was Divya’s idea that we should do something special for you and I loved her idea. You have always pushed your interests and choices on the backburner for family, our interests, our dreams, but now it is high time that you chase your dream and Divya, our daughter showed it to me and convinced me.”

Mayuri started protesting, but her husband stopped her. “Right from before we married, I knew you were interested in crochet and art. I had seen the many paintings and crochet items that you had made. I believed it was your hobby. After marriage you left your job to focus on your new family, then with Divya on the way, you even stopped making time for your hobbies. It was always family first and sub-consciously you stated putting your interests at the bottom of the list.”


Divya added “Mom, I realized your love for crochet only after I saw the various ideas that you came up with for the society funfair. Your lovely earrings, hairbands and clips were completely sold out!” Mayuri interrupted, “That was within society and the proceeds were to go to a charity. I am sure people just brought it to support the charity.” Divya added impatiently, “Mom you always sell yourself short. The crochet poncho that you made for my birthday was a hit in my office. People were asking if they could place an order! That’s when I hit upon this idea. We already have the site up and also the pictures of the many things you have already done. Take a leap of faith mom. I know you will succeed. Beginning today I want you to put yourself first. We all have seen the many instances, where you stopped working, or following you passion for the sake of family commitments. Now it is our turn to show you that commitment.”

Mayuri was overjoyed! This was the best birthday ever. She had been making crochet items as gifts for family or friends and had been greatly appreciated, but never really believed that it could be turned into a business. Looking at the determined looks of her daughter and husband, Mayuri promised herself that beginning today she would put herself first. A new beginning.

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31 Replies to “Beginning today, it would be a new Life”

  1. Loved the way you used the prompt Neha. Too good and I strongly believe – if you follow your passion, success follows and make its your profession, you will never regret. I feel I am lucky to be able to follow my passions of dancing and writing.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. Absolutely I am still finding my feet when it.comes to doing what I love, but with motivation
      like you I am sure I will get there.

  2. It’s a beautiful read Neha. I could imagine so many moms out there who have great skills and can be showcased with the help of the internet. I hope talent everywhere in the world finds some ground and exposure. Cheers!

  3. Very beautifully penned down. Loved reading this post. Everyone has a hidden talent inside. But we have to brush it well and gives it’s right platform. You are an inspiration for others too.

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