She stood in front on the mirror, gazing at her reflection. As she straightened her cap, she smiled. It wasn’t coy or shy. It was a happy and determined smile. This was the first step towards her goal. She knew it will be a long road and a difficult one at that, but she knew with all her heart that this was what she wanted.

She veered behind as there was a tap on her shoulder. Her mother stood in front of her, beaming with pride and holding a uniform. There was a glint of sorrow in her eyes. The uniform had belonged to a strapping young man. A patriot, a team leader and a loving father. His only advice to her had been, help others and make me proud.He had died fighting the jihadis or whatever fancy word is now used for terrorists. He had died saving civilians, in Kashmir. She had been all but 13 when his body came home wrapped in tricolour.

It was on that day while lighting his pyre and crying inconsolably, she had promised her dead father that she would don the uniform one day. She would guard the borders to protect scores of other children and their happy families from mindless violence in the name of religion or politics. Today she had fulfilled her promise to her father.

Our soldiers guard the borders and leave their families behind. Till the enemy was across the border, things were okay but what will a soldier do if they are coming from within? He still fights for what is right, but as a nation don’t we have a duty towards their families? A story of a determined daughter who promised her father a soldier that she will continue his duty long after he was gone.

12 Replies to “Promise”

  1. Wow…Loved it. The story of the border soldiers we forget sometimes but they are doing their duty and helping us to live a secure life. Salute to all soldiers

  2. One of the shortest posts I have read till date with one of the deepest and inspiring message. Hats off for this brilliant piece.


  3. It needs an undying devotion and unflinching commitment to your goal to achieve your dreams.The story of a determined daughter standing true to the promise she made to her father was indeed inspiring

  4. Such a beautiful write-up reminded me of my father …I fulfilled my many promises but still few holds back …I wish I would be so dedicated as her to fulfill those

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