We know climate change is a reality and it’s high time human’s start taking responsibility for their actions. We are leaving a lot of carbon footprint and royally misusing the natural resources that are already very scarce.

This is the kind of lecture that I was giving my daughter about environment and understandably she was bored, trying to stifle a yawn. What do you expect when you bombard your seven year old with loads of statistics early in the morning on the last day of vacation? So, while I was kicking myself of being too pushy for no logical reason, I found a leaflet in the newspaper announcing a session on waste management and composting. This was being organized by our society and I thought it was a great way to teach my daughter something that lectures couldn’t.

So, this world environmental day we did something a little different. We went and attended a session on waste management and composting and I showed my daughter the black gold ( compost) that is created and the whole process of it.

How it’s done

The process is fairly simple – the wet waste collected is first segregated based on what machine can compost


How we celebrated World Environmental Day
what machines can compost


The waste is then shredded and mixed with sawdust and compost mix, which helps keep the waste dry and convert into manure faster.

How we celebrated World Environmental Day How we celebrated World Environmental Day

Then it is put into the compost machine and mixed regularly for 21 days which helps in aeration and faster manure creation.

How we celebrated World Environmental Day

How we celebrated World Environmental Day

How it helped
  1. My daughter became mindful of the garbage sorting process and understood the reason why it is done.
  2. While throwing the garbage in the bins, she is careful about the bin she chooses.
  3. She realized how the kitchen waste can be useful if we are a bit more vigilant in disposal.
  4. She understood the small ways in which she can contribute towards conserving the environment.
  5. Seeing the process in front of her got her hooked to the whole process and I hope it has made her more environment conscious.

While planting trees and taking care of them is essential, what children also need to know is how small steps can help conserve nature and reduce carbon footprint. Correct waste disposal helps in less or no use of chemical manure and thereby improves the fertility of the soil. She was already interested in planting trees and taking care of them, now with composting, she has come a full circle.

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    1. Totally agree Menaka. They can learn so much. My daughter couldn’t stop talking about it. Thanks for stopping by

  1. That is such an interesting idea. Loved it. Will definitely try the same when my toddler grows up. I agree with you, its very important to teach them the little steps to conserve nature

    Neha (Sharing our experiences)

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