While ecology and evolution might sound like very different and disconnected, they are actually very complimentary to each other. A study in ecology and evolution is where a person studies the relationship of living things to their environment and how it evolves over time. I was curious to know that such detailed subjects are taken up as a career by students. To understand how one can go about it and understand a bit more about the prospects in it, I connected with Vignesh a PhD from IISC (Indian Institute of Science)

Vignesh was first introduced to this subject while in college. He was studying BSc Life Science when he got attracted to ecology and evolution. He got a lot of information from his college and he also did a bit of research of his own before opting for a doctorate in this subject. Passion for the subject acted as a major guiding force when it came to career choice.

In these programs students study and understand diverse genes, cells, organisms, species and ecosystems that have evolved over time and how ecology affects them. This work relies heavily on research and also includes study in environment, environmental policy, chemical ecology etc.

Careers in ecology and evolution for students thinking about career after 12th

According to Vignesh, for being successful in this highly research oriented subject being constantly curious about the nature world is an essential trait.

In today’s world when awareness about ecology, its effects on evolution and conservation efforts are at the forefront in every sphere of life, this is an exciting time to be in this field.

According to Vignesh the career prospects in this field are numerous right from research, teaching, science outreach to even environment planners and conservationists. The field has great prospects in any field that requires statistical expertise.

As this is a field that is unheard of, many parents might be hesitant in helping their child choose this as a career. Vignesh has a simple suggestion to parents contemplating this thought “Provide kids with the space to explore and be curious about the natural world. Then provide the space for your kids to logically deduce and connect facts that they observe and acquire from their observations.”

I was exposed to a completely different field after this and I hope you too have learnt a bit more about this unique career prospect.

If you follow your passion and have an interesting career journey to share, do fill this form below. I will connect with you and feature you in my series #LearnNotEducate. Let’s share the knowledge about amazing careers out there so that kids can choose what they are passionate about rather than follow something that the society expects them to follow.

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12 Replies to “Careers in Ecology and Evolution”

  1. I was unaware of fields like Ecology and Evolution till I read this post, Neha. It is great that you have someone from the field giving advice, as help from the right source is very important. Thanks Vignesh, and Neha.

  2. Dear Neha, this was truly an informative post dear. I earnestly had no idea that this could be a career avenue . Thank you for this brilliant series

  3. I just knew Ecology as a subject, but didn’t knew that there could be a while career into it. Thanks for sharing the story of Vignesh , it will be of help for many people.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the career opportunities in the field of Ecology and Evolution. Seems like a great career option. Thanks for this informative and insightful post, Neha.

  5. ecology and evolution sounds like a great career option for those who have an immense interest in exploring natural world. thanks a lot to vIgnesh for sharing this valuable information regarding this field with us. I loved the concept of this series Neha. you are doing a great job with this series. it will help many parents and students to make better career choices.

  6. I didn’t know that there can be a career option in ecology and evolution. But for someone like Vignesh who is passionate about nature and ecosystem, this can be a perfect option.

  7. Thanks for sharing this as I feel it is important that children and parents should know that their are many more career option available than the usual once and they are very interesting and unique too. Kids needs this kind of exposure so that theyknow what all career option available. I find this very fascinating. Will share.

  8. Kids need to explore and the point is very well executed too. Child can follow their passion and find subjects of their choice and proceed it into a successful career. Thanks Neha for bringing this career option to us.

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