IIT JEE Main and JEE Advanced are some of the toughest exams in India to crack. Lakhs of students sit for these exams with a dream of entering the coveted IIT; however, very few can make the cut. One of the major reasons for success in JEE Mains is developing strong strategies and skills essential to crack the exams. Today, we will improve JEE Main Score through NCERT solutions and strategies that you can deploy for the same. 

8 strategies to improve your JEE Main score through NCERT solutions

1- Complete the entire JEE Main syllabus

The good news here is that more than half your job will be done if you focus on NCERT books and solutions. A few topics will be stressed upon in JEE advance, while others will be in JEE Mains. So keep the syllabus handy and refer to helpful sites and books for extra studies.

2- Make a practical study plan.

Make a study plan that is feasible and replicable for a long time. Studying for JEE Mains is usually a year-long affair. Having a stressful plan will hardly deliver any results; on the contrary, it might add to the health issues of a student. Connect with earlier students or refer to online resources to design a plan that works for you.

Improve Your JEE Main Score through ncert solutions

3- Solve previous year’s JEE Main papers

Solving earlier JEE Main papers is a great way to understand the kind of questions that you will be expected to answer. Moreover, it is the best way to prepare for the actual exams as it helps you get a taste of the difficulty levels. Nowadays, you even have questions with answer keys to refer to. 

4-Identify your weak topics.

As you solve the papers, you will get a feel of the topics that need more practice or topics that you are weak in. There is no other strategy than to practice; hence identifying weak topics beforehand will give you enough time to improve. Finally, refer to NCERT solutions for clarifying concepts.

5- Practice to improve

Practice makes a man perfect, and there are no two ways. Once you have identified your weak topics, the next step is to create a plan to improve the weak topics. Have a practice plan ready, and identify topics that you can dwell deeper into. Memorizing will never help, and hence spend time on understanding the concept.

6-Analyze your mock tests/ solved papers

Analyze the mock tests and solve answer papers. When you re-examine the answers, you might find a pattern or identify a topic that needs revision. When in doubt, ask the experts like your teachers or students who are strong in a particular topic. An objective analysis will help you gain clarity. 

7- Focus on speed and accuracy

One of the major factors in competitive exams is time management. Solving papers will help you improve both speed and accuracy. The key here is to arrive at the amount of time required for each question and how the time should be divided across various segments. Once this is clear, time management will be easier.

8- Do not lose Hope

Finally, the most important strategy is staying focused and not losing Hope. Students are stressed before the exams, and a lack of exam temperament could make them disoriented, confused or nervous. In some cases, shivering and fear might impact the results. So take a deep breath, practise and meditate to gain better control.

A few strategies can help you ace JEE Mains through NCERT solutions. Of course, there are no shortcuts, and hard work is the only way to achieve success. However, strategies like these help you work smarter.

13 Replies to “8 Point Strategy to Improve Your JEE Main Score through ncert solutions”

  1. You have covered all the aspects of JEE. Looking at the pressure kids take, point #8 is very important. And more than the students, parents should keep the in mind.

  2. These are some valuable tips not only for JEE, but also any other competitive exam. It is so necessary to work smartly and stick to a proper plan and exam strategy.

  3. All the important points are here to help the students to prepare for their JEE. And yes time management is the key.

  4. Students preparing for JEE are under so much stress. These pointers will help them channel their energies in the right direction. Mock tests and practice are crucial.

  5. I would say this 8 point strategy to crack Jee is a sure shot bulls eye. Analyzing and identifying your weak areas and then working upon it can certainly up your game.

  6. My daughter is preparing for this . i am surely sharing this post with her. Its one year of hard work and your life is made. I think being hopeful and giving your 100% can definitely help kids to be more confident and successful too.

  7. JEE is one of the main exams for kids, and I am happy that you shared such wonderful and helpful tips for all students appearing in the exam.

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