Ecstatic- When a new relation is formed…

They were dressed in beautiful pink frill frocks Getting their make-up done Eagerly awaiting their turn. It was grandparents day and they were determined to put up a grand performance. Ashi wasn’t looking all that thrilled as she had nobody coming to see her perform Her grandparents were in a distant country and her parents […]

Delight – What delights a toddler?

She was a toddler, the princess of her house She was surrounded by expensive toys and beautiful clothes, Her room had numerous soft toys and her own set of accessories. She was the most precious thing around But these things didn’t interest her She didn’t enjoy being with them The clinking glass bangles in her […]

Ashamed – When your greatest desire becomes your biggest burden

She was a celebrity, an icon in her field Many looked up to her as a young achiever But she couldn’t bear to see herself in the mirror Coz, her popularity was based on the biggest farce ever In her hunger to prove herself and be famous She had fabricated an exclusive story, She knew […]

Theme Reveal Post for A-Z Blogging Challenge

When I first read about this challenge on BlogChatter, I was super excited and decided to give it a go. It was rather impulsive of me to click on participation link. Super excited at first, the amount of work slowly dawned upon me and that made way for fear! Not afraid of writing but fear […]