Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am sure many must be wondering about the various gifting options for their loved ones. While those in love, engaged or just married might have an extravagant plan for the V Day, this might not be feasible for new parents or families with toddlers. You will agree that Valentine’s Day celebration before a baby is different as compared to Valentine’s Day after a baby. But don’t let the romance take a back seat just because you have night-time feeds, diaper change and meal fuss to worry about.

Here are some ideas for new parents to celebrate their Valentine’s Day and enjoy some ‘we-time’ without breaking the bank or spending too much time

Valentines Day ideas for toddler parents

Cook a Meal Together

For the foodie couple Bhakti and Tushar, Valentine’s day has always been special.  “Right from the time we were dating, we made Valentine’s Day special by trying new cuisines and restaurants. However now with a small toddler such outings are not possible or are stressful.” This time around instead of going out, the couple is planning to cook a meal together. Bhakti says “With ready to cook meal boxes being available, cooking an exotic cuisine isn’t nerve-racking. Also as we would be home, getting some ‘we-time’ while the kid sleeps is something that we are looking forward to!”

Take a 5/10 year Photo challenge

Inspired by the 10 year challenge that is a rage on Instagram, you could make a scrapbook or a poster of your journey together. As you collect photos, memorabilia’s, written notes and other souvenirs, you will realize how much you have changed over the years. This might be a wonderful way to spark a conversation around your ambitions and dreams, future aspirations and much more.

Catch up on your favorite movies on Prime (Bing watching)

With great apps and websites offering entertainment on demand, this is a great time to stay in! After you put your baby to sleep binge watch your favorite web-series on popular sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Swapna and her husband Aniket are movie buffs. They plan to enjoy a  proper dress up candle-light dinner at home and catch some of their favorite movies on the home theater.

Visit a place that you used to frequent

If you have grown up or dated in the city that you live now, this is a great time to visit the place that you frequented when you were dating or recently married. Visiting these places with kids too can be fun. There are memories of the past and you can create some new experiences with your family.

Surprise them with some online shopping /fav food

If you are thinking of surprising your wife or doing something special for a new mom, then order FOOD! She will be thrilled! As new parents you are handling a lot of things and if you are in a nuclear set-up then believe it or not cooking is the last thing on your mind. With so many online food ordering services available, make the most of it. Order from your favorite restaurant or connect with home chefs to get a special menu home delivered! If your spouse loves some shopping, shop together online and buy gifts for each other. Shopping online too can be fun just like visiting a mall, if you enjoy the company.

Buy some jewelry

Before you start wondering how jewelry falls into the ‘not breaking the bank’ category hear me out. Today almost all jewelry brands have come up with an everyday wear collection. Also as the taste has evolved over the years, so has the jewelry pattern which is not more modern, delicate and light weight. Such jewelry options are available online as well and most of the range starts from 4,000.

Take a Weekend Break

If you can arrange for your family to take care of your kids over the weekend then make the most of it and travel somewhere! Popular travel companies have tailor made holidays that offer small break vacations ranging from 3 to 5 days. Such couple only vacations usually helps you understand your relation at a deeper level and rekindles romance in a relationship.

Are you a parent with small kids or a new parent? How do you plan to spend your Valentines Day? Share your ideas in comments and if you loved some tip here and plan to do that, then we would love to know that as well!

15 Replies to “7 Romantic Valentines Day ideas for new parents”

  1. Parents of toddlers are usually overwhelmed and exhausted, as they learn to fit in their new role. A bit of pampering and quality time together would be something that they’d like a lot. All your suggestions are simply apt for them. Binge watching some series and cooking food together get my top votes!

  2. Online shopping sounds a perfect idea for parents of toddlers who are ever exhausted and shopping with toddlers is like a nightmare. Also, I love the idea of visiting frequently explored places or may be where they met for the first time 🙂

  3. I think online shopping is a great idea…theirs nothing so much better than shopping and giving happiness to the toddler and yourself too !

  4. Great ideas for celebrating valentine’s day. WIth toddlers around nothing, much lovey-dovey can be done like we used to do before kids. But certainly we can implement few of the tips mentioned above.

  5. That is an amazing post! Spending some quality time together, cooking together, making a photo scrapbook and binge watching are some amazing tips! ❤

  6. These are some really cool ideas for new parents to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Loved the idea of watching some nice movie together.

  7. Watching favourite movie on prime together definitely give some quality time to spend together. Love the surprise gift idea perfect to pamper eachother

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