10DayYouChallenge:6 Places

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The next installment in this #Challenge is Places! I love travelling, especially if it is at my pace. So here goes

6 Places

6 Places

Norway – I want to see the Aurora or Northern Lights.

Chikmangluru/Coorg – A tiny coffee growers heaven in Coorg. Lovely place, extremely relaxed. Feels like life just went into first gear

Andaman’s – This is going to be my retirement home. I am in love with Andamans. The beaches, the quiet, the corals, natural beauty, everything is gorgeous about this place.

Singapore – This is an anti-climax to Andaman’s but loved the buzz here. There is something for everyone. I especially enjoyed the self-exploration of the city.

Forts in India – History comes alive when I visit the Forts. The strategy, the valour, the sacrifies, everything rushes past your eyes. Add to it a strong narrative by the local guide and you have a full fledged movie in your head.

My granny’s place – This is me at my nostalgic best! Everytime I go there, I feel I like I am time travelling. The old house still has numerous stories to share. There are innumerable hidden treasures that unravel everytime I go there. The trees, the house and everything around it envelopes me into a warm hug, everytime I go there. I am a kid again.

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3 thoughts on “10DayYouChallenge:6 Places

    Maliny Mohan

    (January 9, 2017 - 1:24 pm)

    I would definitely want to vist the Forts in Rajasthan, which are high up on my wish list. Good to know about your favourite places, Neha 🙂


      (January 9, 2017 - 1:43 pm)

      Yes! Also the forts of Maharashtra. Strategically brilliant and seeped in history

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