We were back after two decades in those familiar surroundings

Much had changed, yet nobody felt out of place

Such was the charisma of ‘College Reunion’ that nobody was too busy to miss.

The once loved faces and figures were transformed by wrinkles and pot bellies

Yet, no one felt the need to hide or a reason to point.

The evening that had started with an awkward ‘hello’, soon gave way

to loud laughs, nostalgic memories, back-slaps and continuous chatter

The college queen of yester-years was today a chic kitty party diva

The secret crushes of yesterday, shared a hearty laugh and swapped family mantra

The first benchers seemed disenchanted in their secure governement jobs

The smart ones shared their corporate growth with anyone who cared

And it was the back-benchers who spoke about investment, entrepreneurship and profits.

The bitter foes of past had patched up and once passionate lovers were amicable strangers today

Yes, much had changed, yet today was special.

Coz, the unforgettable past and the beautiful future converged on the borders of today as we took a trip down the memory lane

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19 Replies to “Down the memory lane”

  1. That’s a beautiful piece for sure. 🙂 I’m in touch with many of my old batchmates, but I’m not sure we’ll have a reunion anytime soon. I’ve been back to the alma mater, and yes, there was a flood of memories! So I can relate to that part! Thankyou.

  2. You have written it so beautifully….loved each word and line…I keep meeting my old friends from school and college and can relate so well !

  3. School friends always stay in our hearts and your piece did full justice to this quote. Enjoyed reading it and thought back to my friends who catch up from where we left off years back!

  4. I felt so nostalgic reading this , missed those lovely days and more so missing a reunion badly. It’s fun to catch up with the ones who’ve been actually close to us while growing up.

  5. Reminiscing about my 1st meetup and how I wanted to set an impression
    And once we met, all the bravoda melted and it was all me. So it was picking up from where we literally left our lives behind.

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