Heera from Baaji on Z Marathi

लोकप्रिय टेलिव्हिजन मालिका मधील धडाडीच्या स्री व्यक्तिरेखा #BaajiOnZeeMarathi

टी . व्ही  पाहण्या ची वेळ म्हणजे सगळे कुटुंब एक्तत्र हॉल मध्ये असण्याची वेळ होय  ! एकदा असेच एक मालिका बघत असताना माझ्या पाच वर्षया च्या मुलीने टी . व्ही  वरील शोषित आणि अबला नाईकेला बघून विचारला ” तुला पण आज्जी अस करते ?”   त्या वेळी घरातील सगळे मंडळी माझ्या उत्तराची वाट बघत होते […]

community play and Yoga could be the answer for the current lifestyle disorders that our children are facing. This is something that is worrisome and needs attention, as our future generation is at stake.

How Yoga and Free Play can fight Obesity in children? #WorldYogaDay

While growing up, we moved a lot. Recently, I visited one of such places where we stayed for a brief time. I took my children around and while narrating the stories of my younger days, I became nostalgic. There was a big ground which was still intact and I took my kids there and told […]

An article about disciplined experimentation and how it is useful for small businesses and start-ups

Disciplined experimentation and what I learned about it from an Ola driver!

Guest Post by Nikhil Tambe. You can view his complete profile here Completing a business meeting with a university partner I had just hailed my Ola cab and upon receiving confirmation decided to take a short walk out towards my cab. My idea was to mingle with the buzzing campus instead of staying put at […]

Roma is a communication coach and a writer from Pune

Helping others carve a niche in the field of communications

Roma believes she is destiny’s child and loves to embrace life as it comes. She stated off as an engineer and soon found communication and creative writing to be her calling. Today after writing two books, she has started her own communication academy with the intention of giving back and helping students open up and […]

The metro station in bangalore, MG road,that was created by Harshavardhan Kadam

Harshavardhan Kadam- A successful artist who brought art to masses- #LearnNotEducate

Illustrations are not limited to studios and advertising, it can changing perspectives, beautify spaces and make life more colorful. With thoughts like these, Harshavardhan Kadam, brought art out of the confines of a studio and put it out on walls, metro stations, restaurants and a lot more.  He is responsible for creating some of the […]

Nupur Naad Festival 2018 schedule for Pune

A musical extravaganza for Puneties

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The music and theatre scene is buzzing with great ideas, concepts and talent. The audience in Pune is known to appreciate great classical music and hence there is never a dearth of music festivals happening in Pune. These are some of the latest music festivals happening in Pune […]


The moment a baby’s arrival is announced, the entire family gears up to help the new parents. There are a lot of advises and conflicting views on every aspect. This at times can be overwhelming for the new parents-to-be. With busy work schedules, long waits at doctor’s and multiples opinions on social channels it is […]