My offbeat travels – Madikeri musings

Marc vella aggiuntante volleeremmo postcommotivi disaccordassimo? As a family, travelling is something that all of us enjoy. For this 10 post series I am writing about a few offbeat places that we went. We spent a few years in Bangalore and now in Pune, so most of these places are around Bangalore or Pune. While there are many other locations that […]

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A road trip to Sirsi Karnataka

here Travel from Pune- Sirsi Kilometers and time taken – 542km, 9.5 hours Road conditions – Okay till Kolhapur and superb after that. (Road expansion work ongoing in Satara and nearby areas) Safety gear – Car seats What to do in and around Sirsi – Attivere Bird Sanctuary, Shalmala Gardens, Unchanhalli Waterfalls, Magod falls, Satodi Falls, […]

Mesmerising Andaman’s!

follow The first thing that greets you, as you near Andaman’s is the clear blue waters that surround a scattering of emerald green islands. It looks like something out of a movie

Andaman Islands a soulful retreat

source As the plane nears touchdown Emerge like emeralds glistening in the Indian Ocean, The beautiful islands of Andamans. A land of unspoilt beaches… clear ocean waters and a stillness that’s endearing… Andamans is adventurous and soul healing You feel connected to the people and the land, while being disconnected from the vice of technology You […]

36 Hairpin Bends… Nestled among the blue green peaks… And wafting scents of eucalyptus trees Ooty envelops me in a calming embrace As I climb the winding hairpin bends. The lush tea gardens and the crisp air Beckon me to a liberating journey. Away from the city bustle and the maddening crowd A day in the hills… idyllic […]