Nestled among the blue green peaks…

And wafting scents of eucalyptus trees

Ooty envelops me in a calming embrace

As I climb the winding hairpin bends.

The lush tea gardens and the crisp air

Beckon me to a liberating journey.

Away from the city bustle and the maddening crowd

A day in the hills… idyllic and fair.

A day without an agenda…. A day without a routine.

Just pick a quite road and roam…

watching the nature’s glory in full bloom.

Cascading waterfalls that tear through the silence

Or the birds chirping about in the woods.

Tiny homes neatly lined along the slope,

A football match in action with equally enthusiastic crowd…

Carrot farms and local shops selling souvenirs

These are simple lives enjoying a slice of paradise.

This is the quaint side of Ooty not many see

But equally beautiful and far more enchanting than the touristy

36 Hairpin Bends…

Photo Credit – Prasanna Joshi

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