As the plane nears touchdown

Emerge like emeralds glistening in the Indian Ocean,

The beautiful islands of Andamans.

A land of unspoilt beaches… clear ocean waters and a stillness that’s endearing…

Andamans is adventurous and soul healing

You feel connected to the people and the land, while being disconnected from the vice of technology

You won’t hear your phone ring or the continuous beep of messages,

But you will hear the splashing of waves and the rustling leaves…

While the Cellular Jail will put forth the horrors of Freedom struggle,

The stillness of tiny islands like Neil will help you hear your inner voice

And the Ross island will transport you to an era gone by…

The Havelock island will unleash the boisterous child in you.

And quiet, pristine beaches like Radhanagar will heal you from within.

In Andamans, every traveller is alone …though you come together as a group,

Each needs to journey on his own, helping his soul find his Mojo


Photo Credit – Nikhil Tambe

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