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Thinking of buying a new family car? You must have put some thought into deciding the car, like where you stay, how big is your family, your budget and any deal that you might be getting. When you decide to buy a car for the family the reason and the vision for buying it is usually utility and functionality centered.

The other thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying a family car is the safety feature. With new models coming in every year, the amount of snazzy features they bring in can be dizzying and confusing, however there are a few basic safety features that you should check for before choosing to buy a car for your family.

few basic safety features that you should check for before choosing to buy a car for your family.

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes are an important feature that helps you break in an event of emergency. If you had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, you don’t want your brakes to get locked.


The front airbags are extremely important and help reduce the impact during an accident. Some cars come with side airbags and if you have the budget opting for it is a great idea. Side airbags helps reduce the threat of injury in a mishap.

Car seats and suitability

If you have a baby or a toddler in the house, you will have a car seat in the back. Make sure your car seat model and your car are a good fit. Read and understand the special instructions that come along, if your car has airbags at the back

Rear Camera

The family car is usually big and with such cars maneuvering with just mirrors might be difficult and unsafe. Having a rear view camera helps to see if something is directly behind the vehicle.

Proximity Sensors

These sensors are extremely useful when you are parking or trying to pull out of a driveway. The back or sides are not completely covered by mirrors and if there is a pet, a bicycle or worse a child, you won’t be able to see it. In such situations proximity sensors and rear view camera will alert you.

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31 Replies to “Car safety features that you should check before buying a family car”

  1. Thanks for the tips. I have been meaning to buy a car seat but just didn’t know how to go about choosing one. Your post has given me some headway on it.

  2. Those are some awesome tips for keeping in mind before investing in a car. I didn’t know rear camera plays such a vital role.

  3. Unfortunately, air bags in our country are more of a luxury feature than a safety feature. I am totally with you on all the points, specially the proximity sensors.

    1. True Anupriya and I hope it changes soon! With so many cars on the roads and high accident ratios, it is a necessity today.

  4. Great tips on buying a new car, I didn’t know about the anti locks brakes.. Your post will definitely people to look certain important features in the car..

  5. Air bags are very important and its good that these days its there in new cars. All these safety features are important to be safe especially in a family car.

  6. Very useful tips. I am glad you covered the rear camera feature. Mostly, we pay attention to the other features. Proximity sensors helps a lot in busy Street and when we have to do parallel parking.

  7. Absolutely a comprehensive list of to dos to maintain safety in a car. Air bags and anti lock bags are a must. Car seats for children are important

  8. Thanks for the informative and useful tips..I did buy a car seat on my 9th month itself and did use it for my little one.As said safety comes first in the case of travel especially with children on board.

  9. My husband took all these decisions when we bought our car. I only selected the color 🤣🤣. I actually don’t know how to drive and don’t know much about these things. And I’m not proud of it 🤷🏻‍♀️. But now I know, if ever in future, I do plan to learn how to drive and if I ever buy another car, I’ll come back to this article. Thank you Neha.

  10. Yes every car owner must check car safety features buying before family car. Your information is really important for car but I think check more safety features before buying a family car. Am I right ?

  11. Wow,Great article. I appropriate you for listing down all safety feature of the car to look out before buying a car. Thanks for the amazing article.You have made it easier to choose.As there are many accidents taking place nowadays .Thanks.

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