This weekend, we decided to go for a long drive. Pune was always known for the hills surrounding it, beautiful green farms and backwaters from the dam. This time as we drove, all we saw was urbanization. It made me remember a statement “You don’t realize how the cities are growing while living in the city” from the movie Mulshi Pattern that I had recently seen on ZEE5.

I got this rude shock when the earlier green farms that were dotted with makeshift corn cob roasting and bhajiya stalls in the monsoons had disappeared. Monsoon drives and treks was a big thing in Pune when we were in college and that just seemed to be disappearing, as there was just concrete jungle everywhere. The movie Mulshi Pattern talked about these things and I would recommend all of you wondering about missing green spaces and farmlands to watch it.

4 reasons why you should revisit the Marathi movie Mulshi Pattern

The four reasons why I think Mulshi Pattern leaves an impression are:


The movie is about a family from Mulshi that sold off their farmland and after finishing that money, has moved to the city to find work and live a marginalized life. The Patil family moves to Pune and starts working as daily labourers in Market Yard. The son of the family, Rahul blames his father for the sale of land. Certain events and the kind of company Rahul keeps take him down the road of crime. Though after this, the story is pretty much predictable with the rise and fall of a local don. However, what stands out is the raw reality with which the situation is projected.

It is not just about farmers selling or being forced to sell their lands. It is also about how that money needs to be channelled. It is a story about how certain decisions can have lifelong implications. But most importantly, it gives a message that progress is important and essential but one’s progress should not be the reason for another person’s downfall.

Performances –

Realistic and hard-hitting performance from Om Butkar ( Rahul) is the highlight of the movie. He is flanked by fantastic actors like Mohan Joshi, Upendra Limaye, Pravin Tarde who do complete justice to their roles. A simple straight forward movie gets deeper meanings and amazing dimensions because of these fabulous performances in the movie Mulshi Pattern.


The portrayal of the story in the utmost realistic settings is what makes this movie engaging.  Pravin Tarde as the director has done a fantastic job communicating a serious issue without being sucked into melodrama or giving in to the urge of going overboard.

Mulshi Pattern stays away from being preachy without supporting the protagonist of the movie. It highlights the importance of all round development of the society. While the movie traces the life of Rahul, it also shows that people can give a positive spin to their life by utilizing the money well and making a mark for self. This is highlighted in the story of Upendra Limaye who plays a cop in the movie.


Music from the Marathi film industry is known to be very meaningful and filled with melody. The music of Mulshi Pattern continues to maintain that reputation. For example, The ‘Un Un’ song showcases the romance blossoming between the lead pair while Aabhala tears you up as you understand Rahul’s struggle between his mind and heart.

Ara Ra Ra.. is a cult song that uses the catchphrase Pravin Tarde uses in real life. This song also highlights the dark realities and nefarious motives of the many who are catalysts in land grabbing.

In short, Mulshi Pattern is the story of today’s India. Every city that is growing rapidly will identify with this movie and the catastrophic, destructive cycle that it portrays. India needs to take stock of it before it is too late.

7 Replies to “4 reasons why you should revisit the Marathi movie Mulshi Pattern”

  1. Amazing and realistic post. ZEE5 is best for the movies collections to watch. Mulshi pattern shows the importance of society. Definitely watch this movie. Great thoughts.

  2. You said it right it’s hard to realise that greenery is vanishing when one lives between the concrete and these days every single person is contributing to it. It’s high time for people to realise that what we are doing to environment.
    Will definitely watch this movie and share with people too.

  3. This was an enlightening piece of blog for me. Never knew something like this exists. May be I don’t know Marathi, but your detailed review makes me feel to go for it with the subtitles.

  4. I always feel regional vontent is more powerful.. Your synopsis make me wanna watch the movie.. But hopefully i should understand marathi

  5. I am hooked to ZEE5. I love their content. It’s original and full of surprises. Thanks for sharing about the movie, I am surely going to watch it this weekend.

  6. Such a realistic post. ZEE5 is best for the movies collections to watch. Mulshi pattern shows the importance of society. It’s so amazing, definitely watch this movie.

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