This is the Thanksgiving month! I liked the idea of being thankful for all the good things in our life and praying for overall peace and happiness. Being grateful is important in life. This thanksgiving month I decided to be grateful and thankful for all the good things in life. Things that I might be taking for granted, but are extremely important.

One of the most important things in life that we all are guilty of taking for granted is Health. We are not mindful of how we treat our body, till we have a close call with illness. Sudden and untimely deaths, accidents, seemingly innocuous incidents become life threatening and that’s when we get a wake-up call, but sadly it’s too late by then.

Health is Wealth

Like in every family, a few things were etched on my mind during the growing up years. The most important of them were

  1. Health is your biggest asset. Be grateful to God every day that you have a healthy and fully functioning body. You can move mountains if you are healthy.
  2. Your body is like a temple, be mindful of what you put in it.

These thoughts helped me a great deal as choosing my body over different vices was that much easier. I usually pick healthy food and don’t have any of those usual addictions. What I didn’t realize was how stress and frustration too can take a toll on your health.

Celebrating #Thanksgiving - Thank you note to my health #ThankfulThurday

That said last week was a revelation to me. I had been to a doctor for some seemingly common issues. After the check-up, doctor was suspicious and made me undergo various tests. She was checking for diabetes.

Though diabetes is not life-threatening, I was worried about the kind of restrictions it would bring about and will I be able to lead a normal life. Those 12 hours were extremely worrisome. Thankfully all was well, and the blame was laid on something absolutely unexpected – Stress!

Stress and expectations too can take a toll on your health and mind. This followed with news of a friend suffering heart-attack and an extremely young associate suffering a major health set-back, and an acquaintance contemplating suicide as they could not manage expectations. All these incidents were a wake-up call to me.


Stress is the silent killer in today’s world. While stress is something that cannot be completely eliminated from our life, we need to understand the gravity of it and work towards destressing regularly.

Don’t let work get bigger than you. Don’t let someone’s harsh words affect you to the extent that you keep going back in circles around the same event. Love yourself and find time to focus on doing what you love. Learn to shut out negativity and practice meditation.

Celebrating #Thanksgiving - Thank you note to my health #ThankfulThurday

It is not just important to keep our body fit, but we need to de-clutter our mind too. If you feel stressed talk to someone, if you can’t confide write it down- but don’t be bogged down. As you never know the kind of toll it will take on your life.

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Tina Basu

36 Replies to “Celebrating #Thanksgiving – Thank you note to my health #ThankfulThurday”

  1. Ask me. I went to a dentist after 30 years and now I know how badly I have been treating them and the gums all these years. It is now time to correct the past mistakes, hence taken it up seriously. Wonderful post here and I could relate to it.

  2. Oh I’m glad that all is well. I feel we need to destress more, as today our lives major ailment is stress! Be well.

  3. So well written Neha absolutely imp to remember you are more important than work take a break and unwind often to reduce stress.

  4. So true! Stress is such a silent killer .. It leads to further and bigger risks like heart attack and diabetes. stress also reduces our metabolism.. And effects our weight too .. We must forever be grateful for our health and must striveto lead a stressfree life ! Beautifully written article this is ..

  5. A very insightful post.Stress heaps a lot of worries on us.It’s difficult to manage our racing hearts and take care.Thank you for writing with us for #ThankfulThursdays

  6. A very informational post. I also try not to be affected by other’s harsh words because our heart has a higher status than the other’s behaviour. Behaviour is situation specific. Today who’s rude maybe loving tomorrow.

  7. Wow that’s motivating post and not to ignore health like we all do and stress is no doubt close rivalry to health

  8. Your post is a bit disturbing. I am sorry you had so many shocks this week. But you are correct, we don’t pay due heed to warning signs & ignore stress. You have me thinking.

  9. This is my dose of morning motivation. Thank you for sharing such positivity towards health. I agree health is wealth.

  10. I think we all take our health for granted and realise later and sometimes when it’s too late. Good points. Stress is actually a silent killer.

  11. I completely agree that Health is wealth and stress can do lot of damage than we know. I get stressed easily and I felt that this post is reminder for me to not take things to my heart. Very well written!

  12. I have realised over time that being over weight is not the measure of ill health. I had a slim body but had many deficiencies . After I took to exercise I felt better . Mentally & physically. Also I felt less stressful too.

  13. Wow the way u expressed this post loved it😍❤️and yes why should we affect out health just because of othet rude behaviours ,we should stop takinh stress and keep our health proper.

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