As the idea of web series and content on demand has picked up steam, it has been an exciting time for viewers. Strengthening its Marathi content library, ZEE5 has brought an interesting 10 part web series called Sex Drugs and Theatre some days ago. Just as the name suggests, the series gives a glimpse into the many layers of college life, ambition, politics and drama. Sounds exciting? Well, read on to know more reasons to watch Sex, Drugs & Theatre online.

College and experimental theatre are a big part of the youth culture in Maharashtra. Participating in college-level theatre competitions and winning them is a matter of pride for the college and students as well. Sex, Drugs and Theatre is built on the same premise where 6 students are made to work on a prestigious drama competition that completely changed their life. Being just a 10 part series, the story promises to be engaging, gripping and powerful from the word go.

Apart from the bold concept and interesting storyline that it promises to be, Sex, Drugs and Theatre also have many firsts to its credit. This is the first time we will be seeing prominent actor Sunil Barve in a web series. Sujay Dahake, the national award winner for the Marathi film ‘Shala’, is the director of this web series. He has also acted in it.

Sex Drugs and theatre is a new web series by Zee5

What to look forward to

Bold Concept

Sujay Dahake has attempted to handle a popular concept with a bold outlook. While college theatre is an extremely popular activity, things like sex and drugs are still taboo in society. This seems to be a great amalgamation of these two seemingly opposite spectrums. It promises to be a great watch. After looking at the rushes I truly believe that this web series has the potential to revolutionize the digital space for Marathi audience.

Sunil Barve

Sunil Barve is a fine actor and is known to always bring something new to the screen. Him entering the domain of web series will be an interesting watch. He is known to bring a fresh perspective to any medium that he is worked in be it television, movies or theatre. I personally enjoy Sunil Barve’s performances and will definitely look forward to this one as well.

A mix of popular and fresh faces

Sex Drugs and Theatre web series also brings about an interesting mix of popular and fresh faces. On one hand, we have talented and seasoned actors like Sunil Barve and Praveen Tarde, on the other we have fresh faces is like Mitali Mayekar, Aadish Vaidya and Shalva Kinjawadikar.

Fast Paced

As it is just a 10 part series each episode is bound to bring something new and interesting. When you have such a tight story, the direction and editing are bound to be crisp. If the rushes are anything to go by this is definitely an interesting and fast-paced web series. Sex, Drugs and Theatre promise to bring about the grey shades of the society that the college youth have to face.  

Prestigious competitions have a lot at stake and many times it brings about a variety of facets like politics, greed and fame. This web series seems to explore those layers, giving us all the more reasons to watch Sex, Drugs & Theatre online.

14 Replies to “Exploring bold concepts in Marathi with ZEE5’s Sex Drugs and Theatre”

  1. Indeed bold and interesting. Was eager to catch on this since it was announced by Zee5 a few weeks ago… both me and hubby love the new content coming up in regional these days. Grt share.

  2. Glad to see so much of experimenting happening here in the Industry. It was due. Hope this series gets the response it deserves.

    Utpal Khot

  3. It’s so interesting to see the world of web series focus on current relevant topics. I like the way you have listed the reasons to watch this. Looking forward to a fabulous series now.

  4. This is a very interesting series I have checked it out all the cars are performed exceptionally well and it’s a bold series you can’t miss out

  5. I am always been a big fan of Marathi theatre and series. I feel they have always something valuable for the viewers. Will check out this series too.

  6. I love watching web series for their gripping and contemporary stories and excellent execution. SDT seems like a great series too. Does it have subtitles in English?

  7. I like the idea of new age series coming up with out of the box ideas and social messages. Thanks for sharing these details and I hope to check it out too!

  8. I feel web series are getting more popular than movies these days. I love topics that are real and not just fiction based. I would love to watch this series.

  9. Marathi theatre has always been known to tackle bold subjects and for its creativity. Nice to see the same being applied to web series too. This series seems to be really interesting and worth watching, will be checking it out.

  10. Short web series’ is gaining a lot of momentum considering the topic they bring in front of the viewers. The storyline of this Marathi series sounds quite interesting.

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