Come summer vacations and it is time to watch classic kids movies at my house. With the heat being unbearable, kids usually get bored in the afternoons and it is really not a great idea to send them downstairs. Earlier we would watch one movie on a weekend with all their friends. It was a movie afternoon time for kids. They would take turns to go to each one’s house and have fun watching classic movies together. This way they had access to a lot of content as well as each family had their set of movie collections from which children could pick their favorites.

Sadly with COVID lockdown in place, kids haven’t been able to meet their friends nor have their annual movie watching festival. The younger one was actually on the verge of crying after seeing some pictures from the last vacation. I had to do something and do something really quick. That’s when ZEE5 came to my rescue.

They have a complete section dedicated to classic kid’s movies called ZEE5 Kids where they have animated versions of all-time favourites like Cinderella and Robinhood. As you know I have a girl and a boy and both have very different tastes in movies. I have picked two from each favourite list here.

4 Classic Kids Movies That My Children Discovered This Summer

Cinderella – the eternal classic

This is the retelling of the all-time favourite fairytale Cinderella. This is not the Disney production that we are all too familiar with but the animation is well done. This is a movie that is produced in Italy, hence it has a lot of Italian influence in it. The movie is dubbed in Hindi and that made it easy for my younger child to follow the storyline. This Cinderella version has a lot more twists and turns as compared to the classic. This version has the Prince Charming fighting to save his kingdom from some villains. He is also Prince Charles and not Prince Charming as in the original tale. Loved seeing this one.

animated kids classic movie- cinderella
Image source – ZEE5


Robinhood was next on our list. Both my kids hadn’t seen a movie on Robinhood and it was a revelation to them. After the movie they were playing Robinhood at home for nearly a week!! Both of them wanted to be Robinhood and they made us the rich arrogant king and nobles from whom Robinhood stole the money and gave to the poor! 


This is a famous Greek mythology story which is presented in an animated version here. Both my kids know very little about Greek mythology and stories, so this was an interesting story for them to view.

The story synopsis goes like this. Hercules takes on the Amazons to obtain the precious girdle of Hyppolyta, captures the Oxen of Geryon and the Horses of Diomedes, and then steals the golden apples of Hesperides. He lastly captures Cerberus, the fiendish three-headed dog who guards the entrance to the underworld…

animated kids classic movies- hercules
Image Source – ZEE5

The Three Musketeers

This is a French adventure novel which is adapted into an animated movie. The movie is in English, hence it is interesting for kids above 8 years. This is complete with sword fights, adventure, sub-plots and a lot of twists and turns.

These and many more form a part of our summer vacation rituals now. I am glad that lockdown summer vacations are equally fun. They even video call their friends and share their recommendations now!

animated kids classic movie- three musketeers

How about your kids? How are they spending their summer vacations and are they into animated movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

14 Replies to “4 Classic Kids Movies That My Children Discovered This Summer”

  1. Zee5 has definitely understood the need of today’s parents. Especially during the lockdown and now summer break, kids need something to divert their mind. I am always in for Cinderella.

  2. These are true timeless classics. We have been seeing them through generations. One movie that a little grown up kids must watch is Charlie and the chocolate factory.

  3. My kids are stuck on Harry Potter and are now enamored by the Marvel Universe. We’re watching lot of movies together as well and enjoying our time together.

  4. My son also recently discovered Robin Hood and Cinderella, and he absolutely loves the former. He insisted on watching it repeatedly over the last few weeks! All great films- will check out the other two soon.

  5. ZEE5 kids has some brilliant content in all languages and genres for kids. I like your recommendations. Lockdown is a good time to watch along with kids.

  6. As kids we were aware if all these tales in book form. Things have changed now and as Audio visual media is much more attractive we can always let our kids watch these classic children’s literature in movie form

  7. Zee5 kids has awesome contents and nice movies specially for kids. These days we are just hooked to Zee5 kids . We are enjoying a lot.

  8. Oh wow, I remember watching these cartoons as a kid, all of these are my favourites. I would love to show these movies to my son too, will check the Zee5 kids soon.

  9. My favourite is Cinderella and three musketeers. This sounds like a savior in the current lockdown period. Kids would get entertainment as well learning at the same time via Zee5 kids

  10. My favourite from the list is Cinderella. that sounds like a savior in the current lockdown period. Kids would get entertainment as well learning at the same time via Zee5 kids

  11. We had online school till this Friday 8-1 then a lot of assignments but now I guess there will be time to watch some movies as the summer vacations had commenced.

  12. Except for Hercules, all others were movies i enjoyed as a child too! It is so good to have these again in easy access via ZEE5 kids. Definitely a good selection of programs that the kids can watch and enjoy and dont require us around to keep an eye on the content!

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