Tween or the between years can be a confusing time for your child. Positive sentences and reinforcement of positive thoughts can go a long way in helping them be more independent and strong mentally. It will also help them understand the world view better.

8 positive sentences that taught my tween to think differently

Tween years

From age 8 to 12 are considered the Tween years. The between years when the child is not a baby anymore, but is too young to be treated like an adult! It is a confusing time for them and with hormones acting up, not everything might be smooth sailing for them.

It is the age where the child is learning independence and even trying to understand the physical and emotional changes that are happening to him/her. They are exposed to much more complex emotions like jealousy, love, attraction, sarcasm, anger or even loneliness.

There can be a marked difference in their behavior and they might want to be more assertive in their choices. In such a time, when letting them be free and learn from life experiences is essential, it is also important to maintain that communication channel which helps them communicate with you freely and without inhibitions.

Here are a few sentences that I found to be positive assertions that will help my Tween think differently and explain to her some important life lessons without getting into the preachy mode.

  1. Great minds discuss Ideas
  2. Two things matter Honesty and Respect
  3. Be Kind, everyone you meet is fighting their own battles
  4. If you don’t step up you will be in the same place
  5. Your words are powerful, use them wisely
  6. Talk the way you want others to talk to you
  7. Will this problem matter in a year from now?
  8. There is no alternative to hard work
  9. It’s okay to like someone, but love yourself first
  10. There is no shame in losing, if you have fought hard and fair

Whenever there is an incident or discussion that I feel might confuse her or push her towards negative, self-loathing or even mean thoughts and ideas, I have found these positive thoughts have helped. I will discuss each lesson and the thought behind it in the coming posts.

Till then, do share how you try and bring about positive discussions and thoughts in your children. How do you explain to them these life shaping thoughts without being preachy or boring?

14 Replies to “8 Positive sentences that got my Tween to think differently”

  1. Actually, you have shared the best sentences we can give them to remember and learn for life and yes I really want to say the 2nd one is one sentence I tell my kids always!!

  2. my daughter too in tween age. Your post make me realize my daughter is growing because I still consider her my baby but yes we need to give space and add few kind words to let them grow more great way

  3. This is definitely a very delicate stage and needs to be handled very carefully since it results in the ultimate moulding of the child. Nice post.


  4. Thanks for sharing this Neha…my son is 4yrs old so its going to help me a lot. I was reading the 10 sentences, amazing. I will definitely teach him the same lesson.

  5. This is for sure a crucial stage for kid and parent both you have given some amazing points that will help many parents.

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