Smartwatch for a kid, you might wonder, but hear me out. Nowadays, everyone is screen-dependent for almost every activity, thanks to digitalization. Most of the kids, are now spending longer hours on mobile phones, spending time playing games and watching videos online rather than playing outdoor games. Apart from the physical implication, there are a lot of psychological problems associated with longer screen time.

Getting a kids smartwatch can certainly reduce your worries up to some extent as it is considered the perfect alternative for the smartphone. With kids smartwatches, you can let your child explore and enjoy various features of a phone without adding screen time and guilt. Here we will be talking about a few of the reasons that you can consider for getting the smartwatches for your kids.

Busy Schedule makes tracking difficult

Being a working professional, it might not be possible for you to monitor your child’s activities. Similarly, not everyone knows about the child safe features to be activated on a smartphone. We regularly read about kids downloading a malware inadvertently on the phone. with your kids   A kids smartwatch can certainly help you avoid such pitfalls.

You will always have the peace of mind that I does not addict your child to screen . Most of the smartwatches come with the feature of a built-in distress signal that helps to send the signal to the parent’s phones in case of any emergency or trouble. This function can be accessed with a single tap.

These smartwatches also come with the built-in GPS technology that helps to track your kid’s whereabouts with your smartphone.

Stay Connected with your kid

As a parent, you always think of your kid’s safety and hence you wish to stay connected with them even when you are out. A kids smartwatch can be your all-in-one device to communicate and start connecting with your kid no matter where you are. These smartwatches allow kids to make calls and send messages. Here you can also block strangers from contacting your kids.

I came across a smartwatch from COSMO that comes with the COSMO Mission control app where you can set a list of numbers that your kid can access. Hence no one else apart from this list would be able to call them. You can also enable the automatic answer feature in it so that your kid cannot ignore your call.

Kids smartwatch an alternative to smartphones for kids

What features should you look for in a kids smartwatch?

A kids smartwatch should have certain features that can keep them safe, while ensuring that they are not addicted to devices. While there are multiple bands available online, choosing the right one is important. A few features that can help you decide.

Reliable 4G Connection

Your basic purpose to get a smartwatch for your kids is to stay connected. Hence the first feature that you should look for while getting the smartwatch for your kid is its 4G compatibility .

GPS Tracking

Since you wish to track your kid’s activities and whereabouts, it is important to get the smartwatch that comes with the GPS tracking facility. With a GPS facility, you can track your kid’s location in real-time. But this feature turns off once the battery dies. Hence it is important to keep the smartwatch charged all the time.

Contact Blocking

. Contact blocking or restricted calling feature comes as a saviour if you wish to keep your kids away from stranger’s calls. But you would need a strong 4G connection to access this facility. With the contact blocking feature, you will be able to allow only certain people to call your kids.

Setting the Safe zone

Setting up the Safe zone or boundaries on smartwatches will help you to get the notifications in case your child leaves the permitted area. This facility is also known as Geofencing.


Getting the smartwatch might be the coolest thing for kids but as a parent, you would need to think of other factors as well, including your budget.  It is important to invest in a good brand and a durable design that can last longer. Most of the brands also offer a return policy You can do your research on such offers before getting one for your kid.

Introducing a smartwatch to your kid could be the best thing if you are not comfortable giving them a smartphone. Hence make sure to find the best one for them.

22 Replies to “5 reasons why Kids Smartwatches are a great idea for busy families?”

  1. Kids safety has becomes the top most priority for parents. Blocking strangers from contacting children is a wonderful feature. My daughter don’t have a smart watch yet but I will keep your post saved to refer to the points whenever we decide to get her one.

  2. This smartwatch seems really great, as I was looking for my daughter something like this to gift her next month on her birthday. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have bought a smart watch for my girls 2 years ago but somehow did not use it much due to lockdown. the brand you have suggested looking promising to me. will explore more about it from my side.

  4. I did buy smart watch for my kids but somehow these watches are not very reliable. Would love to get the brand you suggested as I do agree tracking their moves when they are outside is very important especially now when things are not that great safety wise.

  5. It also took away dependence on househelp for taking my child down. I felt more confortable, letting my child go down to playarea on her own. This smart watch is really really useful.

  6. Gosh, I received my first watch during my SsC board exams and look where we are now. Kids with smart watches, but that’s the need of rhe new Era. And I am totally cool with Introducing a smartwatch to my kid.

  7. I am too looking for a smartwatch with GPS tech to track my kid when she goes out alone to play.Shall check this.

  8. I haven’t given kids smartwatches a thought yet but soon enough my kids will grow up and I might need it. It has some important features that will put the mom in me at rest.

  9. Keeping kids in a safer environment and being connected with them all the time are two things that need top most priority. But gadgets like the smartwatch does help you in giving a hand to take care of them. I love the features that you’ve listed and wil chevk it out

  10. I have not gotten smartwatches for my two children but your post has aroused my curiosity and I’m willing to give it a shot. Like every concerned parent, even I like safe products for my children, which are also reliable.

  11. This smart watch really seems to be the need of the hour buddy. I will surely check it out for my kid. Thanks a lot for letting us know about it.

  12. Smartwatch is a very good option to track where our kids are. I have used it before lockdown for my kids. The best features I like is the GPS tracker.

  13. I would definitely agree with you, since all of us are busy we need to buy the kids with smartwatch for their safety sake. The amazing features help in tracking them is helpful even when we are at work.

  14. Durability comes with a price but we do have amazing alternatives in the market to compete with the top brands. Having a safty restrictions to kids smart gadgets is something that comes on top for me.

  15. Smartwatch in todays times for kids is the best gift from us parents. It becomes so easy to ensure their safety and security even when they are away from us. Surely going to check these for both my kids.

  16. The product here looks very good for safety of the kids. But is the radiation a good thing to be stuck to them 24/7?

    Need to know your views on that… Because we avoid keeping the mobile near the kids head due to the radiation…

  17. Smartwatches that can track the movement of the child and also remind them about their tasks is a good combination. And with many features this look appropriate for young kids who wish to explore the nearby area on their own.

  18. While I have got one smart / safety mobile for my son as well but haven’t given him yet. But this is a must nowadays especially when it comes to their safety. Also GPS tracking is a great feature that is a solution to parents safety worry.

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