Choosing a paediatrician was the first thing that we did when I was in my last trimester. You might consider me a bit of an over-planner but this has been one of the best decisions of my life. 

When the diva was born we were in a new city with no family around. The thought can be scary for a new would-be-mom, especially if she has a habit of Googling and over-researching. 

So, the first criteria for me was to search for a paediatrician near me. I did some online research and shortlisted a few names based on the location. After that I just asked around and checked with friends and neighbours, if they had any experience with the said doctors. One of my friends recommended one of the doctors that I had shortlisted.

I took my baby for the first vaccination to the paediatrician near me and I found the clinic extremely welcoming and well-managed. After talking to the doctor, I found her knowledge and interaction reassuring and it is close to a decade now that we are going to the same paediatrician.


Benefits Associated With Consulting a Paediatrician For Your Child

The benefits associated with consulting a paediatrician near your house are many and I will list a few common ones that will help any new parent.

  1. The paediatricians are trained to manage the health of a child including physical, mental and behavioural issues. If they think there is a need for a specialist to take a look, that recommendation too can be done by the paediatrician. 
  2. They might be able to identify any problems at an early stage and recommend treatments. This is especially useful in problems associated with behavioural and mental health.
  3. A paediatrician can form a bond with the child over time and the child can discuss any health issues that they think need an expert opinion.
  4. I got my diva to talk about menstruation with the doctor recently, to help her understand the science behind it and get her doubts cleared by an expert.
  5. Similarly, when my scientist was acting zoned out while I was talking to him, I was worried if he had some hearing problems. The paediatrician was able to help counsel me and examine him via an online consultation.
  6. Vaccines and their schedule is religiously followed when you have a paediatrician. My paediatrician usually does a full body check-up each time I take my children and her clinic always sends me reminders around vaccination time.
  7. A paediatrician knows the child’s history and can ask parents to take corrective steps for regular ailments like the scientist always fell ill at the change of season. My paediatrician, when recognized a pattern, asked me to get some supplements for him and that brought down his sick leaves drastically.
  8. They are also of great help when parents need counselling around children’s health. A friend of mine was regularly being suggested that her child might be suffering from asthma. She decided to take her paediatrician’s opinion and got all her doubts and fears cleared.
  9. Children will be children and they are bound to have falls and emergencies. It is better to have your paediatrician near you. If the paediatrician is also associated with a hospital, it is a wise thing to see if the hospital is nearby too as if you can’t connect to the paediatrician at the clinic you can always go to the hospital.


As parents, we never take chances with our child’s health and connecting with a trusted paediatrician is the first step in that direction. Their presence can alleviate a child’s and parent’s anxiety. Don’t you agree?

16 Replies to “Benefits Associated With Consulting a Paediatrician For Your Child”

  1. Same was with me Neha. I slash started looking for a good Pediatrician in first trimester. Sometimes, there is a waiting list so it is always better to have the information in advance when we are in a movable state. Having a good pediatrician takes away half of the worries of a new parent.

  2. Yes paediatricians are so important when it comes to proper health care of our kids. Luckily I always get good one for my both girls who helped me a lot in easing my minor anxiety related with kids health issues and also had given excellent treatment too when it was needed.

  3. I feel when it comes to one’s child, one should always take expert opinion of the pediatrician. They are not only experts in disease management but also can guide you about developmental milestones and nutritional needs at an early age.

  4. If there’s anything more precious to a mom then its her childs health. Having a credible source to sort your queries is of utmost importance. Pediatricians spend 8 years learning everything about child health and diseases and a. Doctor’s wit in addition to a mothers gut feeling are enough to keep a child healthy.

  5. Pediatrician whom you can trust completely is very important. I found one for my kids and make sure I consult her everytime I feel a need as she knows my kids in and out. I agree with you.

  6. It is an absolute must to consult a pediatrician when it comes to our kid’s health. There is a reason each doctor has expertise in different sectors. We form a bond too as a parent as the doctor knows about our kid’s health since the day she was born.

  7. So true. After many tries we found a guys pediatrician for my elder one when he was 2.5. he was our natural choice when my twins were born. And it was he and not the pediatricians from the hospital who discovered that all was not right with my younger twin and recommended we see a neurologist asap.

  8. I agree that finding the right paediatrician for kids is very important. I remember when my son was small one of the doctors was very irresponsible as a result my son missed vaccinations also. Later we switched to another doctor who is very good.

  9. True. You need to have a good pediatrician for your child. I had searched for one before I delivered my 1st child and from the day she was born till now he has been the only one treating her.

  10. Yes they are very important in the children’s lives. Our paediatrician is a really good one and doesn’t unnecessarily give us unwanted medication. First we are to try the normal haldi milk way.

  11. Totally agree that finding the right pediatrician is very important for maintaining over all health follow ups for kids.

  12. I absolutely agree to the right decision of connecting with the right pediatrician before the baby arrives. Luckily for me the hospital I was going for my pregnancy the pediatrician was attached with the same institution so we did not have to run from post to Pillar to find a good one.

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