Parenting is a tough job. It seriously is, and let nobody tell you otherwise. You are responsible for a life and every decision of yours will have direct or indirect repercussions on that tiny being. This itself should scare you, and rightly so, as only then will you be a good parent. Right from the time you conceive till the end of your life, you will face many challenges as a parent; they are different at every stage and nothing prepares you for it, but as the topic talks about hardest part of being a mother, I will stick to that. So what is the hardest part of being a mom? While I still have to experience a lot, I will touch upon the things that I have seen or experienced till date in my journey of being a mother.

Being a new mom-

Being a first-time mom was the hardest part of my parenting journey. No amount of books prepared me for what lay in store. Though it’s a wonderful feeling, it is an uphill task.Firstly, your sense of privacy is evaded with the whole delivery process then come the endless feed sessions, baby latching problems, sleepless days, all this and more leaves you exhausted. Add to it the post-partum depression, hormonal changes, the recovery time etc., you simply feel bogged down by everything. There was a point where I felt I made the biggest mistake of my life by deciding to have a baby. There is also the nervousness of messing something up which takes a toll on you. Those initial days were the hardest weeks with my newborn. The second time around I was better equipped and I also knew that though the first few weeks are hard, they do get over and a sense of normalcy will prevail.

Hardest part of Motherhood

Having to deal with the innocent age –

The odd age when the child is not old enough to understand everything and not young enough to be fooled is another hard time for a mother. For example – They understand the entertainment avenues and see the hep, pulsating songs and want to gyrate on it but as a mother and an adult, I also understand the double-meaning vulgar words that are being mouthed. How do you explain that to a child? The first innocent crush that the child experiences might not be seen as just that by others. The innocent urge to enact their favorite hero/heroines moves or acts might actually be vulgar, evading privacy or dangerous. How do you communicate that to the child without being harsh?

First crush

Being prepared and helping the children grow up –

This isn’t as simple as it sounds! Till the child is small you can enforce rules, monitor, and put some kind of regulation on what they watch, what influences them, who are they with etc. but after they are independent enough to make these decisions how do you safeguard their interests while not being seen as intrusive? It’s a tightrope to walk. The hardest part in this stage of parenting is watching. The new feelings that the children experience, right from their first crush to their heartbreak, the peer-pressure, the new world order, all this and more is what the child will want to be a part of and as a parent all we can do is watch and maybe hold an umbrella for them in the face of a storm.

These are some of the hardest things that I feel one has to deal while being a mother. I am sure there are much more. What are your thoughts? Have you faced any such problems or do you have a solution to offer? Would love to hear it

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31 Replies to “Hardest part of Motherhood”

  1. Should we let them face the storm or hold an umbrella?The Eternal question which makes me confused.While we want them to grow up strong we also want to protect them.The right balance appears just beyond the reach.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments.

  2. Though i am still unmarried and not a woman but still i can realize the tough time…pregnancy and some of its consequences are not easy to overcome.
    its also very tough when your child gradually step into this practical life and innocence vaqnishes with time.
    Very nicely written.

  3. Middle path is always the best path…..let them face storm initially , protect them when u c they r small to bear the storm, lovely written neha

  4. The hardest part is when you the kids are in odd age. They want to know everything still can’t be explained all at once. And yes, our emotions are directly applicable to them; whether happy or sad

  5. It’s all hard! When my daughter was young, I’d always say “if I can just get through this phase, it will all be OK.” My parents kept warning me that after this phase, there would be the next one. And they were right. I don’t know that one phase is harder than the other. They’re all hard. Just in different ways.

  6. I found bfing the hardest part of motherhood. It was just really difficult for me. I also struggled with ppd so that was an added.

  7. Motherhood is a constant struggle to let them do and learn on their own even if it means failing or helping them.

  8. Motherhood can be tough! Every aspect of it is challenging. We all have to remember to hang tight and although it can be exhausting, it can also be rewarding. I’m with you and I understand!

  9. Being a parent is hard. My toughest part is seeing the struggles that my children face with their autism but I’m determined to help them overcome every obstacle that they face.

    1. All the best Jenni, more power to you. A determined mom is the biggest strength to children.

  10. I feel every stage of motherhood brings its own challenges. It is a very tiring and challenging time of life. That said Motherhood has helped me find my creativity and resilience and I am grateful for that.

  11. You have explained the hardships nicely Neha. It is not easy at all but its all worth it. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

  12. You sad it right, The hardest art of being a parent is watching. Watching them grow is a wonderful feeling but it comes with its own challenges. And today parenting is challenging because kids are more vigilant, smart, technology savvy. We can control them but we cannot pull the strings too hard. We have to maintain a balance between softness and strictness. And that the tough part for me I would say.

    Happy to join you on #Myfriendalexa

    #MothersGurukul has recently posted

  13. Parenting is about giving our kids freedom and wings to fly while keeping a warm nwst ready for them when they come back. In theory it sounds easy but is a very tough job. We grow and learn with our children too, isn’t it?

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