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Gayatri Gadre has started a series called #Tiniature that will run the whole of July! You write one tiny story everyday on Twitter. Though I joined in late, this is my entry for it. You can read what other’s wrote by following the #Tiniature on Twitter.

Ethical hacker tiny story

A tiny story about how the world just perceives what it sees and understands. There are many careers or interests that the larger public might not be aware of, however, that certainly doesn’t mean that those avenues are any less.

Do you know anyone who has chosen a path less trodden?


25 Replies to “Tiniature – Life of a hacker”

  1. This is a very interesting tiny story! I’ve read a few books lately that feature ethical hackers and it’s such an interesting world to learn about. I’ve not heard of #Tiniature before but it sounds like a great concept.

  2. I’ve never heard of Tiniature. Great concept. Nice short story!
    It’s funny how a perception of a person could be so different from reality.

  3. This is the first time I hear about “Tiniature”, very cool idea, and I think your story has an interesting twist even though it’s a short story 😊

    1. Thanks Cynthia. Search for #Tiniature on Twitter. It’s on for the whole of July. You can join in too

    1. Thanks Deanna. Search for #Tiniature. It’s on for the whole of July. You can join in too

  4. I think that as with anything in life there can be good things to do with those skills and bad things to do with those skills. And we gotta focus on the good things.

  5. I’ve never heard of the ‘Tiniature’ so I’ve learned something new today, which I love to do ; ) like the little story of the life hacker doing good! thanks for sharing !

    1. Thanks Eloise. Search for #Tiniature. It’s on for the whole of July. You can join in too

  6. There are definitely jobs that people don’t often notice or talk about that matter. And I think being part of that kind of industry is something that shouldn’t make you feel inferior. Hackers though, I’m not sure because there are hackers that only do what they want to ruin others.

    1. Ethical hackers however always work with the law enforcement or help corporate’s plug gaps to secure their systems. Thanks Carol for sharing your thoughts.

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