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I came across this prompt on Amrita and Deepa’s Thankful Thursday’s. I loved it the moment I read it but wasn’t getting around to put it down. That is when I read about #Tiniature on Twitter and decided to work on that with this theme.

Childhood Memories

In a way, I am thankful that my childhood memories do not include gadgets and expensive toys as it was through these memories that I discovered kindness and humanity.

There were no mobiles then, but still, somehow we managed to communicate and there was never a worried moment for my parents, caused by non-communication. We didn’t even have a landline for a long time and giving out a PP phone number was okay, but it came with a long list of do’s and don’ts. Interestingly, these lists did teach me to think from other’s perspective. There were no maps but we never got lost. We relied on the knowledge of helpful rickshaw drivers, the traffic policeman, and others.

I traveled alone to school right from my primary schooling days. Went in a public transport, but was never worried as I knew the streets were filled with guardian angels. I didn’t know about the evils of the society but have experienced numerous instances where these guardian angels came in and swooped me away from any possible harm. In most cases, these were strangers who considered a child as a collective responsibility. That was a time when people were watchful about their surroundings and weren’t lost in their mobile world.

It was a time when strangers didn’t think twice before questioning someone’s intent and if anybody questioned, ‘Why are you bothered?’ the instant reply was ‘Hamari beti hai’ Though the nosy neighbor was annoying, she would keep an eye if your child went out alone. The local grocer would be watchful till you turned into your lane if you came to buy something alone.

Those were the days when for every single evil there were a hundred angels. Today we have progressed a lot but the human connect seems missing. How I wish we could have a happy blend of both the world’s so that my children could enjoy an equally carefree childhood.


Update – This post went on to be the winning post for the prompt! Yay!! Super happy 🙂
Childhood Memories I am thankful for

21 Replies to “Childhood Memories I am thankful for”

  1. Those were the days when for every single evil there were a hundred angels.
    That makes me nostalgic .Maybe we can try to be a band of angels ? Life gives you choices and chances .We are blessed to have childhood memories which make us smile .With our children we are making beautiful memories.
    Maybe we can do more.

  2. How true, Neha. Your musings brought my own childhood memories alive. You are so very right in saying that there were many guardian angels who looked out for us. I felt similarly. I also took public buses to school and back and even with no mobile phones, the parents were not worried. Such innocence we lived with.

  3. Such a beautiful post, Neha. You’ve written about all the things our generation was lucky enough to experience, security, goodness and pure fun. We did’t realise the value of it then, but the changing world has made us realise it now.

  4. I agree Neha..we had such a carefree and beautiful childhood. We never cared for anything as things were not as difficult as they were earlier. Thanks for writing for #TT

  5. Really a touchy thankful Thursday post. Nicely articulated and I could also connect to it as a flash of memories of my childhood days.

  6. This is such a nice post. you took me back to my school days and everything you mentioned here is so apt. I agree human connection is getting lost amidst this technological changes.

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