Its time to get inked

I go out everytime and fulfill my duty, which is also my right

I never get any sops, free mixer or fridge

But nonetheless, you will find me standing in line, waiting for my turn to vote

I am never eligible for doles like free meals, 1Rs. Rice and dal

I pay my taxes, buy my rice and dal for Rs.100, fight inflation, yet go out and vote every election

I don’t fall under any category; I am not affiliated to any political leanings

I am not economically backward, nor were my ancestors oppressed.

I work all my life to give good education to my children and yet have sleepless nights,

Wondering if they would get a decent education!

Will my child be admitted based on merit or kicked out for want of reservation?

I have no problems according to the political class,

I earn more than enough according to socialist class,

I should be thinking about the greater good according to influencers and celebrities

I should only talk about what appeals to the internet trolls!

Yet, it is only me who will go out and vote without the motivation of money or other perks

It is only because I still believe that protecting my democracy is my biggest duty and also my right!

Who am I?

I am the one who never figures into manifestos, who is never talked to, but always talked at..

I am the one who is never categorized into anything other than the ‘The Middle Class’

The nameless, faceless, without clout class

Only remembered when there is a financial deficit.

Voting for the middle class in india

7 Replies to “It is time to get Inked!”

  1. Well written, the harsh truth of a democratic country. Where The rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer but the middle class is the one who is always a sufferer. It is the right of every citizen to vote and choose a capable candidate but only 50% of the population is the one that votes and rest of it only complains.

  2. Voting undoubtedly is the biggest power we have that should be used wisely, loved the way you have written this amazing bit down will definitely share it ahead.

  3. Voting is a necessity of every individual since it determines your power to choose whom you want to be governed by. You have penned the piece so creatively, that’s really commendable.

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