Everyday Nirbhaya convicts are applying for mercy plea, curative plea and it is being heard on fast track and rejected. Those men are still alive.

Nirbhaya died in 2012

6 men violently raped and killed a girl

One of them died, another was a juvenile who was handed a punishment of just 3 years. Today, god knows where he is and what is he doing?

But Nirbhaya died and the remaining 4 who killed her want mercy?

Yes! I say killed because throwing a girl who was half dead with her intestines spilling out on the road hardly means alive.

Some human rights advocates are going so far as telling Nirbhaya’s mother to forgive them.

Really? Is it that easy? Even today when I remember the chilling account I can’t stop my tears.

The girl was literally torn to bits physically and mentally.

She was left to die on the streets.

Did they think of mercy then?

Even in the face of eminent death, these men are leaving no stone unturned to escape the gallows.

Yet, they conveniently nipped the life of that girl who was simply out to watch a movie!

They believe what they did was to teach the girl a lesson for staying out late

Or maybe because they wanted to get even with the boy

But clearly these men don’t know their boundaries

Also being drunk cannot be an excuse ever! If you can’t handle it simply don’t drink.

Nirbhaya should not have paid the price for their shortcomings.

Nirbhaya had rights too!

I am a mother and I can’t find mercy in my heart for these daemons. I just hope I am not offending the daemons by calling them this.

The girl was a nobody. A simple girl out for the night. It could have been anyone.

Tomorrow when our child is out, some other men might think it is their right to teach our daughters a lesson?

Who is teaching them a lesson? What will these monsters fear? Who is telling them that such acts will not be forgiven and cannot be forgiven?

They cannot get away with it.

We do not have a national registry for criminals, rapists and molesters! Can you imagine how easy it would be for these gruesome killers to simply change their appearance and live anywhere in India?

10 years down the line, they could be your neighbors, your daily help or your child’s bus driver.

Can you live with that fear?

I know an eye for an eye will make the world go blind, but I think I am fine with a blind world than a world that has shut its eyes and heart.

Because a blind world can function, but not a world that’s faking blindness.

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  1. the people who did the crime are equally as horrible as the ones who are trying to protect them. its sad that there are no good laws here to protect the women who are raped or harmed in anyway.

  2. Very well-written and thought provoking post Neha. In some cases, the death penalty is totally justified in order to prevent the heinous crime from happening again.

  3. Seeing the case first broke my heart and it soon changed into anger. The girl dies such a horrific death while her killers are still alive. An eye for an eye is the only solution to it or this will keep repeating.

  4. You are right, Human rights always came in the picture when the accused expect some mercy. And what about the right of the victim? She is victimised, her family is victimised and they are expected to think about all the human right angles.

  5. This post touched my heart so much! It’s impossible to live in a world wherein sympathy and compassion don’t exist. It was a horrid event that will always remain in my mind and heart

  6. Every time I read anything about Nirbhaya case, my heart cries, more so because even after 8 long years, the justice is not given, the criminals are getting away with it date after date. I agree with you Neha, a blind world can still function, but not a world that’s faking blindness, your words have touched deeply.

  7. Yes… It’s so frustrating when the laws are being wrongly used for the benefits of such uncivilized and criminal people. It should b not be allowed…

  8. Justice delayed is justice denied. This case has taken so many twist and turns. Wish nirbhaya gets justice soon

  9. ALong with the criminals our judiciary is behaving like criminals. Delaying the hanging is making a mockery of the justice system. Its insulting the tortured soul.

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