As the one year of online learning comes to an end, I am taking a step back to reflect on the situation. First of all, moms how are you feeling about the online learning experience?

I for one have experienced a gamut of emotions as the year rolled by.

 Technology in education and why I am grateful for it

In the first wave of Covid-19 I was grateful for the technology available. I am scared to think, had this pandemic come a decade earlier, how would we have coped with it? Most of us have some device or the other and we could quickly transcend online. Most children did not have to put a break on their learning, even though they couldn’t attend physical school. This for most part helped keep the sanity intact – for parents and students.

Benefits of online learning

As we settled down in the online learning routine we realized the multitude of benefits that it offers.

  1. Attend the class from anywhere

Many students moved to their native place or parents had to travel for some emergency. As the lockdown was announced, many children were stuck in various parts of India and abroad however none of them missed their classes. As the course material and the related videos were available 24*7, children could revise the concepts and study when they were initiated.

2. Online learning became the source of connect to normalcy

Children looked forward to seeing their teachers and other students online. It gave them the reassurance needed and created a comfort zone for them. This definitely helped bring a sense of normalcy in the lives of children, while all they heard and saw otherwise was despair.

3. Children learned new concepts and learning tools

As the learning moved online, teachers were forced to look for different ways to enrich the students learning journey. Children were encouraged to create projects, presentations and research about topics. This acted as fodder for their brains and inculcated real-life skills as well.

4. Self-starters were the real winners

Children with a self- discipline gained the most of this experience. They researched more, thought laterally and even helped collaborate and build team spirit. The self-starters managed to carve a niche for themselves in the class.

5. Equal platform for interaction

As the whole concept of mute/unmute became the new normal, it became an effective tool for teachers to get every child involved in the class session. Asking questions and getting answers from all the students became easier.

But this boon quickly opened the floodgates for some other problems.

advantages and disadvantages of online learning

Disadvantages of online learning

  1. Student-Teacher ratio matters

In schools where the student –teacher ratio was skewed to begin with faced a larger problem of inclusivity. A teacher could not handle bigger classes online and hence they resorted to sharing recorded videos. This caused a problem in terms of child’s interest and discipline towards learning.

2. Device allocation for household with more than 1 child

Homes with 2 or more children faced the device availability issue. If both the parents were working, then the issue was felt even more acutely. It hampered the productivity of the parent as well as the child. In lower income household it meant younger child being left out for want of device.

3. Working parents were multi-tasking

While the school and teachers were conducting the school online, keeping them in front of the screens and engaged in the class became parents responsibility. The added duty of managing the house, office work and kids classes became a matter of great stress to the parents.   

4. Unstable internet connection could lead to isolation

Unstable internet connection meant most students were advised to turn the camera off. This meant the child felt isolated. Unable to hear or see what the teacher is teaching or explaining added to this feeling. It made younger children disinterested.

5. Kids exploring the online world with minimal checks and security

As many older kids started spending more time online, they started exploring the internet. While it added to their knowledge in many cases, unsafe internet access and poor knowledge or online etiquettes and safety measures led to irreparable damage – financially or emotionally.

This year with another lockdown in force, there is a high probability that we might spend another year in online learning. In such situation it is important that we introspect and find better ways to keep the learning going. The teaching and learning methodology needs an overhaul and that can start with looking westward and incorporate their concepts of research, analyze and presentation.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear you experience.

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17 Replies to “Hey Mom! What’s your experience with online learning?”

  1. I have mixed feelings about online learning. While it has enabled seamless education during the pandemic it has affected learning and teacher-student rapport in many ways. This can be an alternate way of education, not compulsory.

    1. Absolutely! My thoughts as well. We need to keep the learning going but not at the cost of interest

  2. Online learning has played a crucial role in not affecting the continuity when all of a sudden schools decided to stop in person learning. No doubt it has its own benefits but it cannot replace in-person learning. Especially for young kids.

  3. So true. One we pulled out of school so we needed only one laptop. Yet, because my webcam doesn’t work, hubby had to adjust his work according to my daughter’s classes. I was wondering if people actually invested in extra devices due to this. And plus paid full fees to the school. It’s a rip off!

  4. Honestly, i am not a fan of online learning, especially due to the excessive screen time. Apart from that, I feel child is missing the major part of childhood that is interacting and bonding with friends. But, this is the new normal and we got to accept it

  5. Honestly we are tired from online learning routine at my place. my both girls are waiting eagerly to go back in person school. but yes, at the same time I feel so thankful that due to technology advantage, we would be able to continue learning momentum even during hardest days of pandemic and lock down.

  6. I have written a similar post – it seems edtech is on everyone’s mind! I agree with everything you have pointed out. The world is changing and we must change with it too.

  7. It was a blunder at the start with no authority right in front of my kid and she being the curious one was constantly told not to ask frequent questions and sometimes left unanswered. But with time, it definitely got better and now she knows how to handle it in a way that suits her and answers all that she has on her mind.

  8. I agree online learning has pros and cons both. But I feel right now it’s a need of an our and it’s a best way but hoping that everything will be fine soon and kids can go back to their schools and enjoy their student life.

  9. Technology has really been a blessing in this time of pandemic and we can’t be more grateful for it. Yes kids education did continue but for moms of 2 like me it did become a marathon where I was running frm one room to another to be with my kids during their classes. Phew….

  10. My experience with online learning has been so far so good. I also believe that student-teacher ratio matters a lot in online learning as attention needs to be given to every student more than actual classes.

  11. Rightly said child who is more disciplined gained a lot from the online classes and the rest struggled to keep the pace with the online and offline home tasks. Plus the device can be issue if there are more kids going online at the same time.

  12. Online learning has both pros and cons. We need to weigh them well and let the children explore the world. It has been of utmost usage in the year gone by where an only online mediums could help them tide through the year.

  13. I am not a fan of online study but we are bound to do because there is no other option. I agree with the advantage and disadvantages mentioned here.

  14. I agree with both sides of your article here – but i know that we need to just find a way to work around the disadvantages, as the need of this year, and the possible future is to embrace online learning and the online world as part of normal life.

  15. Just like everything else this one also has the good and the bad. But I love the fact that I get to spend so much time with my children because of the pandemic. It’s also helping them build confidence.

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