Dark clouds gather over the city skyline

A city dweller, curses his luck and makes his way hurriedly through the traffic.

Not too far away, a farmer looks up at the sky with hope.

A smile spreads on his face as a peacock spreads its wings.

Its time… he thinks and quickly goes about tending to his farm.

As the clouds open up and rains lashed out

The city dweller scooted to shelter

while not too far away a farmer drenched in mirth and joy

His fields and land soaked in the elixir of life.

Meanwhile, the city streets turned into rivulets and traffic came to a standstill

The cleverly concealed filth is now flowing openly while

power outage is just minutes away.

Here its celebration time at the farmer’s house as he prays for a good rainfall

His farm looks alive and the livestock rejoice in rains

The hard work and toil is all forgotten as

Rains mean food on the plate.

It is true that life is all about perceptions.

Same thing might mean different to different people.

Here the perceptions about rain change every mile

For a metro city, it might mean inconvenience and diseases

while for the other it ushers new beginnings.

perceptions about rains - a poetry

3 Replies to “Perceptions”

  1. A great Poetical Write-up. The irony is in the end, the same city dweller looks at his food which would not have come had those rains come in time. So well composed, Neha Tabme.. Thanks for sharing the Post!

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