Intrigued – A story of love

He was roaming around listlessly,

Waiting for the night to set in

Just as the last rays on sun vanished and the night set in

There was a flick and she came into sight

She was caged, but there was a glow around her

As he went closer he could feel her warmth

She seemed to smile while dancing in the cage

But he was intrigued of how could there be happiness in confinement.

He tried to get her attention but was dazed by her radiance

She looked at him and he realized she had sadness in her eyes

He tried getting closer, but she kept pushing him away

She seemed to beg, asking him to leave

But he was captivated by love, and ignored her pleas

He flew higher and higher till he could almost touch her

And then there was a burst, a crackle and he fell

Lifeless, but with a smile on his face

He had managed to hold her and profess his love

She continued dancing in the night with sorrow in her heart

Another intrigued moth had died in her arms.

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