I was jealous of him and very very angry.

I sneeked in the room, he was lying quietly on the bed

He smelled so sweet and looked cuddly, being all wrapped up

I had decided that I will scream and scare him away

Then mom would only love me, just like it used to be.

But, then he moved and put his tiny hand out

Opened his small, shiny eyes and looked around

He spotted me and smiled a sweet lazy smile

He stretched his hand, as if to hold mine

As I held his hand, he curled his fingers

As if to say, I know in my heart, you love me

My aching heart which was filled with jealousy

Suddenly stopped hurting, making way for a new feeling.

Writing for A-Z Challenge with BlogChatter

When a sisters jealousy turns to love

9 Replies to “Jealousy”

  1. Yes Neha, this actually happens. I don’t remember the jealousy with my brother. But I have seen this amongst my kids. This feeling is like a legacy that travels from generations to generations.

    1. πŸ˜ƒ thanks for reading. It’s such a common feeling, more territorial, but at times as adults we forget to acknowledge it.

    1. Lucky you! I still see it once in a while between the two. But there is always more love than jealousy

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