The Cradle

site de rencontre ca ne marche pas Curious of all the commotion in the neighboring room, a heavily pregnant Pooja went in to have a look She saw numerous beautiful wooden toys, silverware and an exquisite handcrafted cradle! That’s the cradle of Amey’s grandfather! Amey himself and now Amey’s child will play in this cradle, her MIL beamed. Pooja was stunned looking […]

My honor, my life

gcm forex hesap makinesi She sat in a corner, Hurt, Broken and in tears, clutching a newspaper The salty tears burned on her cheeks where she had scars of horror She opened the crumpled newspaper, there as a corner story it read “A woman raped by her friend on pretext of offering a lift” She had prepared herself for […]

Grieving- When even the Gods were ashamed

Ways to make money off the internet via They were neatly lined up on the school grounds Quiet and still as all the students were being brought out one by one There was chaos everywhere but here even the air stood still Not a leaf fluttered, not a bird chirped, as if it feared breaking the silence Once the smallest of the students […]


الخيارات الثنائية التفاح He was always known as a disciplinary, an angry man never to be messed with, He didn’t have many friends and nor did he have a social circle. So much so that his wife and children too ensured that they were ‘correct’ around him, lest they face his wrath. But not many knew that he […]

The Dulhan

They admired her bright heena painted hands and colourful saree They winked and laughed asking, ‘How is the marriage treating you?’ But her heart bled with every laughter. She put up a smile but her eyes couldn’t lie, Could she really tell them how she felt? About how she dreaded the night? and worry about […]