A short story based on photo prompt #fiction

It was beach day today!

Nia was all geared up with sand toys, floaters and some more. Her parents Dhir and Meera were the new age parents. They were successful, driven and had a big social circle. Not to mention an active insta account. The double income single child parents meticulously planned their weekends and weekdays. Nia was always busy reading, learning, traveling or doing activities that suited their lifestyle and their insta account. All was done according to the book (parenting books that is!)

At the beach, once everything was set, the customary pictures were being clicked. Nia plonked herself in the sand to make a sandcastle when something caught her eye. Upon digging she found a unique box. It was white in color and looked like stone. There was a face etched on it, with the mouth being a keyhole. Nia turned it around excitedly and found a small but rusted key in a socket at the back. 

 Unsure, she put the key in the mouth and the face started talking. I am the talking box. My key can make anything talk, Try it out! 

Can it help us communicate, she asked looking at her parents?

This is my post for the #WoweWednesday prompt by Mayuri and Rashi.

A Key to make you talk #Wowe #fiction story

In today’s world, we seem to be relying a lot on books and expert advice and things like that and less on our instincts and parenting ideas that we saw around us while growing up. It is good to have kids busy, but they also need some silly time, sometimes where both of you aren’t doing something together, but just hanging out, so as to talk anything that comes to your mind. It could be a poignant thought or silly or plain rant, but we need to have that time to just let go and talk. My story is about the importance of that time.

5 Replies to “A Key to make you talk #Wowe #fiction”

  1. Yes, these are the new age Social Media Parents, as I call them. They only live, and even pretend to love, their child for the perfect photograph.
    Glad you wrote about this, Neha.
    Thank you for writing for #WoWe

  2. Oh My God, Neha. The end tore my heart. Parents of our generation don’t realise how much they are losing out in order to gel on social media. It pains my heart to see kids like Nia. How lonely these kids would feel. Thanks for writing in, Neha. Loved your post.

    1. Oh my god the ending. Brilliant post. So so relevant to what’s happening in today’s times. Thanks for writing this.

  3. A very subtle take on today’s non communication between parents and their children… Yes why do we tend to forget that children being children need to have some time to act like children… Activities can wait, but the childhood will only come once… Their silly banter or their out of the box thinking needs good ears… Who else but the parents can start giving them that?

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