Being a first time mom is joyous but also a tad bit scary. I know I was! There was worry that will I be able to care well for the new born? I was scared I might end up doing something wrong for my baby and there were so many conflicting ideas and advices that I wasn’t sure what to follow! As a first time mom, I had read a lot online and offline.

After the Baby – #FirstTimeMom

No amount of reading will help when you start handling your baby on your own as being a first time mom, everything will be a wonder for you! I still remember though the books I read had mentioned that a baby smiles around 2nd month, when my baby girl actually smiled for the first time it was no short of a marvel for me!

Once that smile appears you strive to ensure it is not wiped off by some mistake from your end. I then worried about her comfort and tried to understand the reason every time she cried.

Mother Sparsh India’s First water wipes Brand, #FirstTimeMom

My baby hated to be wearing a soiled diaper and would bring the house down with her cries till she was cleaned. For her safety and comfort I always used cotton and water, however there were other problems associated with it like

  • Too cumbersome when traveling
  • Cotton turned too soggy too soon

The Baby Wipes

I decided to switch to wipes when travelling, but wipes posed another problem. They were mostly alcohol based and caused irritation to my baby. The wipes also had a strong scent and somehow my baby was not comfortable after being cleaned with these wipes but for lack of an alternative I continued using it.

Being a first time mom is joyous but also a tad bit scary.

About Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Recently I saw Mother Sparsh come up with India’s #firstwaterwipes and I realized it is perfect for moms like me! The highlights of these wipes are that they are water based and completely hypoallergenic. They are Parabens and Alcohol free, which means they are absolutely safe for the babies soft skin!

The other Key Features of these water wipes are

98% Water Wipes

Clinically proven for preventing Rashes

Plant Based Fabric with no polyester

Suitable from birth

100% Biodegradable

Soft Fabric

So basically a perfect solution that is safe for the babies as well as the planet! How I wish we had water wipes back when my baby was small! Nevertheless these wipes will be a permanent fixture in my handbag and now I am confident of a great alternative that is perfectly safe for babies.

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17 Replies to “Being a First Time Mom is a Roller Coaster Ride!”

  1. Indeed first time experience for a mom is a rollercoaster ride. Mothersparsh baby wipes looks safe for baby skincare regime

  2. Being a first time mom is truly a heart touching feeling which can’t be express in words and no doubt Mother Sparsh is the best wipes for our kids

  3. The daily ups and downs of a new mom is really not known to the world. There is a lot happening in her body and mind, expressing that is beyond words. such an amazing heartfelt video.

  4. When I became a first time mom I hadn’t a clue about how sensitive a wipe should be. I asked my husband to bring baby wipes which he did. Reading all the mother sparsh posts I know where I faltered.

  5. I agree no matter how much you read when you experience it nothing strikes at that time. I am glad that you brought it up as a mom. Yes, being mother for the first time is roller coaster ride.

  6. The feeling of becoming mother for the first is beyond words. No one can understand until she becomes mom. Mother Sparsh wipes are really good and safe for babies

  7. I definitely agree of being a first time mom a roller coaster ride. I’m a first time mum too and we learn along the way. Everyone’s journey is unique. I do like the sound of mother sparsh wipes being so gentle and kind to baby’s skin.

  8. The feeling of first time mom is just amazing. Only a mother can understand that heavenly feeling but yes motherhood is not an easy job specially for the first time mums.

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