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Lord we have made all the preparations for the apocalypse 2025 – the end of Kali Yug. How do you think we should proceed? Along with a lot of help from man the weather conditions are such that we can have 20% more cyclones and tsunamis.

A short story- lords monologue

God in monologue

Why bother?

Man seems to be in a self- destruct mode for the past many years.

Think about it. Man has already created natural crises called climate change. This will cause widespread destruction in terms of natural disasters like typhoons, cyclones, tsunamis, and drought.

Apart from this man is already loading his arsenal with complicated war-heads. It looks like every country is trying to be ready for war while talking about peace!

And recently, he has started using me as a tool to spread his hatred!

You wonder how?

Every man is divided on religion, caste and creed. Then he gets into a rat race to prove that his religion is the best! So either they try converting others to their religion or kill those who don’t believe in it. The victims are bound to retaliate and this way they have managed to spread hatred, violence and anger in my name!

I promise you I never created man thinking he would be the reason for this destruction.

I had a glimmer of hope that man might be able to save the earth from destruction and take other beings with him. But sadly I was wrong.

Need to start creating a new species I guess… more heart, less brains should be fine this time around, don’t you think?

14 Replies to “Lord’s Monologue – A short story”

  1. Hahaha that’s a good hope! If man cannot save the earth, someone can. But probably we are doing so much with environment friendly products, I feel it won’t be as bad as the hype of a dry world!

  2. God created the world and we changed and defaced it slowly over centuries. I’m sure his heart must be going out thinking what went wrong with us. 🙁

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