This post is a book review of a fellow blogger turned author with blog chatter’s e-book carnival. As part of the Blogchatter e-book carnival, I am reviewing my first book ‘Parenting Mysteries unveiled for new age parents’

About the Author

This book is written by Meenal and Sonal are blogging sisters and friends who blog by the name Aura of Thoughts.

Meenal Mathur, MCA, Blogger, Mother, passionate Writer, Web Designer, music lover believes life is a kaleidoscope as it’s we who turn it to make colourful patterns. Loves to experiment and welcomes change.

Sonal Mathur, B.Tech (CSE), Blogger, Content Writer, avid reader, loves to mingle, keen observant, and speaks her heart out. Believes each aspect of life is a mentor and explores new areas with enthusiasm.

About the book

This is a Small book which offers a quick read. The book dwells into new age parenting and is focused on children in the age group of 3-10 years. With growing nuclear families and changing lifestyles pose a variety of problems and questions in front of new age parents. The advice they get from their elders might not be useful or perfect in today’s situations. This book acts as a handy guide for such problems with simple solutions.

The book focuses on topics like inculcating good habits, showing by doing, preparing children for emergency, the art of reasoning and negotiating etc. While spare the rod and spoil the child is an extreme philosophy that they don’t prescribe to, they also offer simple suggestions to strictly drive home the point without raising your hand.

There are a few lessons for parents too! We as parents might not even be realizing that we are building few prejudices in our child. The book focuses on such topics too!

A book review of Parenting Mysteries unveiled for new age parents

They also focus on the way one speaks which creates gender biases unknowingly. This I find is very helpful as this is not something that even our parents can explain to us. Gender bias and why it should be removed is something that is a current situation and as first time parents dealing with these situations, some handy tips will surely help.

There are a few lessons on the way for parents too. Like tips to handle homework time or why we shouldn’t expect our child to be Jack of all trades. It touches on sensitive topics like when to be strict and how or how to motivate a child in the morning, how to spend quality time with our children, how to help children deal with rejection.

The overall stress is on parent – child communication and some new age problems where the child and parent need to be better equipped to handle the matter.

The only thing I didn’t like in the book is the editing. As the text is centered, a few sentences or words are too far apart and it makes reading a bit jarring. Also this book is more like a pre-cursor to something else. Some more content depth with examples and may be a wholesome view will make it even more interesting and a must-have.

I have downloaded a few more to review and I hope to share at least 1 a week. Have you read this book? What are your views?

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