If you have been following my earlier posts we have covered the basics of setting up a free blogsite. Now that you are rearing to go and have probably posted a few posts on your blog, it is time to look at SEO. SEO for bloggers is what a correct postal address is to a letter. Your blog (letter) will not reach the right audience, till you embellish it with SEO (address).

However, this does not mean you need to be a pro at it or hire an SEO expert for getting traffic to your site. In the coming posts we will be taking a closer look at simple steps to follow to ensure you incorporate best SEO practices in your blog.

SEO for bloggers is no different from SEO for a business website. However, there are a few things that are intrinsic to blogging which can help a blogger in getting the most from SEO best practices.

Here is a snapshot of what the SEO for bloggers series will include.

Learning SEO for beginners

In this section we will discuss the very basics of SEO. Things like

  • What is SEO
  • Difference between On page and off page SEO
  • White hat v/s Black hat tricks
  • Know more about them and understand some common SEO glossary.

Keyword Research – free tools to use

As bloggers we are writing for humans, however it is also important to remember that the search engines need to find your content to show it off online. This is when keywords come into play. We will learn about keywords and some free tools that can help you identify them.

SEO essentials for blog writing

There are a few things that one should remember when creating a blogpost that includes SEO best practices for bloggers. We will discuss these essentials and create a fact sheet that you can keep handy.

Fact sheet

Best free SEO plugins for blogs

A plugin that can take care of SEO needs for bloggers is a great addition to have. In this part we will discuss the SEO plugin’s that are available and how to use them.

Link building tips for bloggers for SEO

Building links take time. It is important to invest time in cultivating links from good authority sites. In this section we will look at tips for link building activities and how a blogger should include it in their regular activities.

Best blog sites for refreshing your SEO knowledge (Best SEO blogs keyword)

Just like everything online, SEO knowledge is updated regularly. Google updates its indexing parameters regularly and hence it is important to know the SEO best practices for bloggers. I will be sharing a repository of good SEO blogs that you can follow to stay updated about the latest developments around SEO.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that focus on SEO for bloggers.

I am writing this post for the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

Seo for bloggers and best practices to be followed.

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  1. SEO is something that goes over my gray head though I’ve been blogging for two nearly decades now. My present blog has a respectable Alexa and DA. Yet I’d certainly love to make it better. Hope to learn from here.

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