I recently received a new book ‘Shadow of the Past’ by a newbie author Mayank Manohar. The book has an unusual start – it is about people with baggage. The baggage of their past; something that might destroy their lives. This unusual plot was the reason I picked it up. So here is my review

Book Blurb – Shadow of the Past

Life throws up though choices that often control your life, forcing you to carry the baggage of your past. In the process, you have no option but to fall in love with your own shadow. Your pain and loneliness are your best friends. But there comes a breaking point and when you reach it, there is a good chance it can destroy you completely.

The Story

The story is about three people. The story starts with Lavanya a carefree, chatty girl from Hyderabad and Rehan, a shy, small-town boy from Ranchi who is conscious of his communication skills and English. Love blossoms between these people who are poles apart. Life happens and circumstances make it impossible for them to continue on their path of love. This was young love- impatient and naïve. However, they seem to be stuck in the same place, seven years later as well! Enter Arpita and it looks like things might just be fine when they encounter another twist of fate. Suddenly, Arpita finds herself trapped in the incomplete love saga of Lavanya and Rehan.

How will it end? Will these three people find peace in life or continue to be weighed down with their baggage of the past?

What I liked about Shadow of the Past

The book looks at love from a realistic perspective. If you are someone who loves the boy-meets-girl and finally everyone lives happily ever after, then this is not for you.

The book looks at a lot of aspects other than romance. It truly tries to delve into the philosophy “A man is made from his life experiences”

The characters are well-etched and in some situations, you will definitely identify with them.

At 167 pages this one is a quick read.

Shadow of the Past – A Book Review

What could have been better?

The book is overall melancholic. It was overwhelming for me. After a point, you might not identify with the sorrow or the whole reason for being stuck. I could not identify with it.

Almost everyone has a past. There is a crush, a love that was not reciprocated or a love story that couldn’t be completed and it hurts when that happens. The pain is real and it is definitely something that shapes your future choices. But we do move on, love evolves as we grow up and it changes its meaning and reason as we grow. I found that lacking in this story that spans nearly a decade. 

I would rate the book a 3.5/5

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