4 Inspiring Women Following Uncharted Careers

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“That’s not a woman’s job!” Let no one ever tell you that! We have heard and seen such stereotypes for a long time, but when you see someone break the mold and stand tall, it’s important that we celebrate it. This woman’s day I wish to celebrate five such women who dared to dream and made a mark for themselves in uncharted careers. I bring you five inspiring women from India who took up unconventional careers and paved the way for girls to dream.

Sommelier – Sovna Puri

A sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine service and wine and food pairing. Sovna Puri is a path breaker, who has established a name for herself in the wine industry and is SULA’s only Nominated Educator to Conduct WSET Level 1 & Level 2 courses across India. Sovna was initiated into the wine industry after meeting a sommelier in France and understanding the importance of one in a restaurant. Today, she works with SULA Vineyards and has conducted successful wine tasting sessions across India. They also conduct WSET Level 1 and Level 2 courses, thereby improving wine appreciation and opening the field to many more.

 Surfer -Ishita Malviya 

Surfing and in India, you might wonder, but this young girl is doing exactly that! Ishita Malaviya is India’s first female surfer. Her surfing journey started in 2007 when she met a German exchange student and learnt the ropes of the sport from him and two American yogi’s near Udupi. She took up the sport seriously and is today the owner of Shaka Surf Club. Ishita and her partner Tushar are training children in and around Udupi in surfing! She was part of the first Summer Swell Challenge in Pondicherry. Her dream is to promote India’s coastline as International surfing destination.

4 inspiring women from india following alternate careers

Cinematographer- Anjuli Shukla 

Anjuli Shukla is a cinematographer and the only woman to have won National award for cinematography in India. Coming from a non-filmy background, Anjuli knew she wanted to get into media to express her creativity. She did a cinematography course from FTII, Pune and then started her career as an assistant cinematographer to Santosh Sivan. In an industry where women are usually assumed to just act or sing, Anjuli Shukla is paving way for woman technicians and camerawoman’s who have a passion for their craft.

Bartender – Shatbhi Basu 

She is someone who holds a strong position in a fairly male dominated industry and she is 50+ . Starting at the young age of 21, Shatbhi Basu has been creating beautiful cocktails, mixing drinks and managing a bar for more than 2 decades. Today she is a beverage consultant, author, head of a bartending academy and American Whiskey Ambassador for India! Getting a bartenders manual as gift from her mom and aunt during her hotel management days, changed the course of her life forever.

These beautiful and brilliant women are creating history everyday as they follow their passion and encourage more women to take up such uncommon careers. This woman’s day I salute their will and their contribution towards breaking some traditional stereotypes and glass ceilings in India.

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Neha Tambe is a freelance social media marketer, writer and influencer. I studied mass communication and worked in various capacities spanning from journalism, copywriting to social media marketing. Blogging from the past 4 years. Founder and Owner of nehatambe.com.

17 thoughts on “4 Inspiring Women Following Uncharted Careers

    Geethica Mehra

    (March 6, 2018 - 2:26 pm)

    Maintaining a bar by a lady is simply awesome and daring. Shatbhi Basu is one courageous woman in today’s world. Started her career at an early age of 21 is marvellous.

    Ruchi Verma

    (March 6, 2018 - 7:20 pm)

    Every woman is really inspiring in a way or other …we just need to check and follow their good deeds.. Wonderful article and I really loved reading these.


    (March 6, 2018 - 11:32 pm)

    Very encouraging blog. These women inspire all to follow their dreams and reach for the place they aim ro be.

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    (March 7, 2018 - 8:43 pm)

    Very interesting and inspiring personalities.


      (March 9, 2018 - 12:46 pm)

      Thanks Jyotirmoy

    Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    (March 8, 2018 - 9:15 am)

    Really inspiring story these ladies have, especially taking bartender as the career. Thanks for sharing these unique stories. Happy Women’s Day to you.


      (March 9, 2018 - 12:46 pm)

      Thanks Shreemayee


    (March 8, 2018 - 1:12 pm)

    wow..talk about following your heart and being different! A great list… so different and so inspiring 🙂


      (March 9, 2018 - 12:47 pm)

      Thanks ishieta

    Dipika Singh

    (March 8, 2018 - 7:43 pm)

    How well listed Neha, these women has picked up – different. The same different society might have some issues with, but today these women are soaring high.
    Thank you for joining the Blog party and sharing about these special inspiring women.


      (March 9, 2018 - 12:47 pm)

      Thanks Dipika

    Tina Basu

    (March 9, 2018 - 10:51 am)

    so good to know about these inspiring women! Happy Women’s Day


      (March 9, 2018 - 12:47 pm)

      Thanks Tina

    Nayantara Hegde

    (March 10, 2018 - 8:38 am)

    It is certainly inspiring that these women are breaking not just gender norms but also social ones. Careers such as bartending and surfing are becoming mainstream today. It is difficult for men to say their passion is bartending so they have a career in it. And women doing this is certainly noteworthy.

    Alpana Deo

    (March 11, 2018 - 12:24 am)

    Women have proved many times they are no less than men. Choosing a career is one of them. It’s the society who has made this differentiation but women should never feel pressurized. They can pick whatever they wish for.

    Rohini James

    (March 12, 2018 - 6:56 pm)

    Wow.. This is so inspiring to read… Women are capable of achieving anything they put their mind to it. Love the list.

    Neha Gupta

    (September 14, 2018 - 10:57 pm)

    Lovely and Inspiring article !! Women can work in any field of their choice fighting all the challenges and odds !!

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