Using influencers or instagram marketing and ways to use them in 2018

Instagram and Influencer marketing

go Instagram entered the scene of social media in Oct 2010 and had been an instant hit! It brought something totally new on the scene and stayed with it. Initially instagram was seen as a social media network for college students, however it slowly graduated to a fun photo sharing app and was quickly embraced by […]

USing hashtags for business and best practices for it

Hashtag for business and best practices for using it

donde puedo conocer hombres alemanes As a small business or personal brand, you might wonder how will hashtags help you? Hashtags are currently everywhere on the social network. These are one word or word combo prefixed by a #.  They are not just some words with # to be stuffed in your text, if used correctly, they will help bring […]

A comprehensive guide to facebook marketing for small businesses

A comprehensive guide to Facebook Marketing Facebook marketing is something that all businesses have heard about and most have tried it. It is one of the most popular social media marketing network for businesses and a favourite among small businesses. If you are wondering why, here are a few stats that will help you understand the reach and power of Facebook […]

Best Email Marketing practices for a successful campaign and quick tips

Best Email Marketing practices for a successful campaign As a business or personal brand, it is essential that you try and build a loyal follower network. The easiest way for this is by creating an email list! However many believe that just adding an opt-in form on their website will get them subscribers. Some will give you a big database and tell you […]

The importance of design and 5 tools for non designers

Importance of Design in social media marketing

source site Design requirements in social media marketing is limited, however any business or personal brand will be ignoring it at its own peril. Though designing is an integral part of brand establishment and brand communication – online or offline, a social media marketer needs to extrapolate the design elements in his social media effort to keep […]

Top tips to keep in mind when planning a content strategy

Why have a content strategy and tips to plan it You might say, this is a no brainer! But the fact is that more often than not, we put this obvious thing way back on the ‘to-do’ list to actually find some meaningful data. If you or your business is looking to go big on social media in 2018, you need to first come up […]

Why do small businesses need a business blog and how will it help

How to Leverage Blogging for Brand Awareness

Blogging is one of the most important tools that a small business or personal brand can leverage for long term benefits in terms of brand awareness and brand identity. Have you observed how all big brands maintain a regular blog? It is basically a useful tool for every brand, big or small, however what works […]

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